The United States and Australia launched a "diplomatic offensive" in South Pacific. Experts: Trying to engage in "small groups", China should be alert!

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The United States and Australia launched a "diplomatic offensive" in South Pacific. Experts: Trying to engage in "small groups", China should be alert!

2022-06-18 12:38:44 19 ℃

[Global Times Reporter Bai Yunyi] "The United States may announce the New Pacific Island State Initiative next week". According to Agence France -Presse and other media reports on the 17th, the United States plans to propose a new initiative aimed at the Pacific Island country next week to Balance China ’s increasing influence in the Pacific Island country. According to the British "Guardian", Australian Foreign Minister Huang Yingxian visited the Solomon Islands capital of Honeyla on the 17th and met with the Prime Minister. This move was also considered to be Australia's concerns about China and the "diplomatic offensive" adopted by the Solomon Islands and the Pacific region. Essence

According to Agence France -Presse, the U.S. White House National Security Council India -Pacific Affairs coordinator Campbell said at the forum of a think tank in Washington on the 16th that the United States was "comprehensively strengthened" contact with the Pacific Island country to respond to their relationship with the United States , Illegal fishing, climate change, regional safety and other concerns. He also said that the Pacific Ocean is a region with great strategic significance. "From the after -World War II to the nuclear era, we have always had historical and moral responsibility for this area."

"Next week, we will cooperate with some like -minded countries to carry out a series of open and detailed projects for the Pacific Island country." Campbell said that the new initiative aims to "ensure that the Pacific environment is open, healthy, effective, and unsuccessful." He also revealed that the 18 member states of the Pacific Island Forum, the United States, and countries including Australia, the United Kingdom, France, Japan, and New Zealand will participate in the new initiative.

Chen Hong, director of the Australian Research Center of East China Normal University, said in an interview with the Global Times reporter on the 17th that the initiative mentioned by Campbell was not an isolated incident. From the beginning of Brinton's visit to the Pacific Islands earlier this year, it was not long for American officials to go to try to prevent it from trying to stop The signing of the Safety Agreement in China, then the envoy Yin Rushang held talks with the Marshall Islands on the "Freedom Joint Agreement". It can be seen that the United States is investing much more resources and energy than before. Restim on cooperation between China and regional countries.

While Campbell made the above remarks, Australian Foreign Minister Huang Yingxian, who was less than one month after taking office, also opened his trip to the Pacific country for the third time after his inauguration. On the 17th, she visited the Solomon Islands and met with the country's Prime Minister Sogovre. This is the first time that the Australian Foreign Minister has visited the country since signing a security agreement with China with the Solomon Islands.

According to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported on the 17th, Huang Yingxian said at a press conference in Honiala, in which the Australian view was responsible and capable of maintaining the safety of her own region. She At the same time, it is emphasized that Australia will continue to stand on the same front as the Solomon Islands, including supporting the opponent to fight against the new crown pneumonia. According to reports, during this visit, the Solomon Islands Prime Minister Sogovre once again emphasized that it did not allow China to build a military base in the country.

"Huang Yingxian said with the" Pacific Family ", but what Australia is actually doing is to play a role that can dominate the" big family "that can dominate other countries. The reporter of Times said that the name of lifting out of the "Pacific Family" cannot rationalize the Australian side interference in the independent choice of other sovereign countries. Chen Hong analysis believes that Huang Yingxian's symbolic significance of the Solomon Islands is greater than practical significance, that is, to convey to the outside world, Australia still seeks in -depth signals in the Solomon Islands' social governance to show that Australia is still the most influential country in the region. In addition, Huang Yingxian also visited New Zealand before visiting the Solomon Islands, and was also trying to pull New Zealand, which was relatively independent of China ’s policy into the“ Arena ”, which was relatively independent of China.

"Generally speaking, the United States and Australia are trying to pull up a closed" small group "with the main goal of anti -China in the Pacific to serve the interests of the United States. The mechanism ', the United States and the United States, the United States, and Australia, the same security partnership. "Chen Hong said that China should be alert to China’ s strategy and tactics.