Trump claims that "the Bayeng government may lead to the Third World War"!It's pretty a account

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Trump claims that "the Bayeng government may lead to the Third World War"!It's pretty a account

2022-06-19 00:18:16 20 ℃

[Global Network Report] According to the "Russia today" (RT) reported on the 18th, former US President Trump warned on the 17th that Washington's provision of huge military assistance to Kyiv may evolve Russia and Ukraine into the third world war. Trump also blamed Russia's conflict on the US President Biden, and once again claimed that "if I am a president, this kind of thing will never happen."

"We already have a war in Ukraine ... Due to our processing method, it may lead to the Third World War." Trump said on the 17th at a speech conservative meeting at Nashville, the capital of Tennessee on the 17th. "We just provided $ 40 billion on the basis of $ 16 billion (to Ukraine), so we provided $ 56 billion." After a account, "but when you look at Europe, Germany, France and all other countries, they are provided (compared with us). It was given a billions of dollars. It is them that is more affected by (conflict). "

It is reported that Trump also blamed Bayeng in the conflict of Russia, claiming that "if I was president, this kind of thing would never happen." Similar expressions have previously issued Trump.

"I know Putin very well, we talked about this ... he knows that the consequences will be huge. He also understands this. He would never do this." Trump said, "If the election is not manipulated, And stealing, we will not encounter the problem of malicious attacks by Ukraine. "

It is reported that most of the contents of Trump's speech are attacking the hearing of the Special Committee of the Congress House of Representatives "Congress Mountain Riot". Trump said that the survey of the allegations of his incitement of supporters attacked the Congress was a "manipulated transaction" and "unilateral '" witch hunting ". Trump also once again stated that he might run for the president in 2024. Trump asked: "Does anyone want me to run for the president?" A warm voice sounded.

This is not the first time Trump has appeared in such a tone. In March of this year, Trump discussed the situation in Russia and Ukraine at a rally in South Carolina, saying that "no one is tough than Russia." He also claimed that if he was still in the White House, Russia would not "invade" Ukraine. He also said that he would talk to Putin to avoid the Third World War.

Russia's "True News" also quoted Italian media on the 14th and reported that the Roman Pope Francis warned that the Third World War has begun. He said: "A few years ago, I suddenly thought that we lived in a world where the Third World War was experiencing the third world war. Today, I believe that the Third World War has begun." The True News said From the perspective of Ji, it is necessary to think about what happened in human society when "experiencing three world wars in a century".