"I don't want to hug"

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"I don't want to hug"

2022-06-19 06:09:32 17 ℃

(Observer.com) On June 16, local time, Ukrainian President Zeleizki met with the leaders of the visiting Germany, France, Italy, and Romanian in Kyiv. For Western media and foreign netizens, this meeting of this vice chairman of the Russian Federal Security Conference, Modvedev, was called "zero". The facial expressions of the leaders in front of the camera are more worthy of "taste".

At the press conference, Macron hugged Zesky was rated as "very embarrassing" by the British "Daily Express" and "Daily Mail" and other media, saying that Zelekiski seemed "barely acceptable but uncomfortable". Essence The Belarusian online media NextA showed that Zerrenzki was showing off, saying that this was "you successfully convinced Macron not to call Putin."

Foreign netizens are collectively playing stalks, saying that Macron is sending "death of death".

Earlier on the 16th, German Chancellor, Tsumarz, French President Macron and Italian Chancellor Delagi arrived in Kyiv, Romanian President Claus Johnis also arrived on the same day.

Macron's meeting with Zelekiski was so concerned because the two had some disagreements before.

Although Macron condemned Russia's military operations as "historic errors", he repeatedly emphasized that he would continue to talk to Moscow and call on "respect" Russia and Russian President Putin, which made Zeelianzki dissatisfied.

Zelei Sky said in an interview with Italian media in May: "We should not find a way for Russia. Macron is futile ... In my opinion, some leaders are not very correct. Ready to protect someone to lose our territory. I think this is unfair, this is time -consuming. "

On June 3, Macron said he and Putin had conducted at least 100 hours of telephone talks in the past six months. Even the day before departure to Kyiv (June 15), Macron was calling for Ukraine to restore negotiations with Russia.

After the end of Kyiv, Macron released a goodwill, saying that France would provide 6 "Caesar" car grenade to Wu.

However, at the press conference after the meeting, a scene of Macron and Zeleki hugged a heated discussion.

Screenshots of foreign media reports

The US "Business Insider" website said that when the interview occurred in "unity and determination to be questioned in Western countries", Ukraine hoped that the West would provide more military assistance, and this embarrassment looked "embarrassing".

Source: Visual China

The British "Daily Express" bluntly stated that this seemingly "uncomfortable" hug, Zerianzki's expression "explained everything".

The British "Daily Mail" sarcastically asked: Is it "French Kiss" (French Kiss) or "French Diss" (French humiliation)? "When Macron approaches Zellennki to give an embarrassing hug, Zerrenzki looks not enthusiastic at all." Zelenezki "barely accepted, but obviously felt uncomfortable."

"Daily Mail" also mentioned that the scene of Falu's leader shook hands also made people feel embarrassing through the screen: Macron's face was filled with a smile. In contrast, Zerrenki, he frowned, " Obviously I am dissatisfied with the attitude of the visitors. "

Source: Visual China

Belarus's online media Nexta teased that Zelezki's face seemed to reveal a kind of pride, which is "you successfully convinced Macron not to call Putin."

"Putin, he (Macron) will not call you today."

Some people even sniffed a "romantic" atmosphere, saying that it felt like they had known each other, which was in line with the atmosphere of "Proud Month" (June is the "proud moon" of a minority group in each year).

But "(Zelei) body language explains everything."

"Because Macron told him the truth, this is not a comedy show."

The "pessimistic" foreign netizens seemed to see the "Death Kiss" of the Malper Party in the movie "Godfather 2", saying that Macron was presenting a horrible farewell kiss to the "family traitor". "Mike Corion's new clip of the death of Freido Corrion's death flowing out."

"He knows what will happen next."

"It's like death given you a hug."

At the same time, Zeelianzky's "welding" of the military green T -shirt also attracted people's attention. In front of the leaders of other countries in the suit and leather, I did not expect Zelezzky to adhere to the "wartime skin".

"If you see other leaders, you should be decent instead of dressing up like a drowning tramp."

"Did this brother think about changing clothes?"

"After the war."

"(Hope) he has two pieces, one of which is washing."

On June 16, the vice chairman of the Russian Federal Security Conference Dmitry Medvedev splanged cold water to the Kyiv of European leaders. . The clock is ticking to the ground ... "