Turn your face to Putin?Kazakhstan falls to the West, saying that it will not violate sanctions against Russia

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Turn your face to Putin?Kazakhstan falls to the West, saying that it will not violate sanctions against Russia

2022-06-19 06:09:38 16 ℃

After the outbreak of Russia and Ukraine, Kazakhstan, as a neighbor of Russia, has always received widespread attention to Russia. Russia and Kazakhstan are not only member states organized by Anan, but also members of the EU -Asian Economic Union. To some extent, the relationship between the two countries is not bad, but Kazakhstan still sanctioned Russia.

Kazakhstan made a statement on Russia and Ukraine's conflict

Kazakhstan had previously erupted "January Quotes", and Russia had sent troops to help Kazakhstan calm the riots. Many people believe that Russia has saved Kazakhstan in the "January Quotes" and should be grateful to Russia to Dade, not sanctions against Russia.

In response to this statement, Kazakhstan President Toccyev said, "Kazakhstan must always obey Russia, which is completely unreasonable." Tocaev believes that sanctions and settlement "a monthly turmoil" is a two -code thing, and the two cannot be compared.

Kazakhstan cannot cancel sanctions against Russia. If sanctions are canceled, Kazakhstan will be subject to secondary sanctions. Kazakhstan will maintain economic cooperation with Russia without violating Russia and fulfill the obligations of related cooperation agreements.

Kazakhstan is afraid of sanctions from Western countries

After the Russian President Putin announced the independence of the two states of the Donbass region, Kazakhs Foreign Minister refused to recognize Putin's decision and stated that he would sanction Russia. Subsequently, Kazakhstan also stopped all flights to Russia.

Why do Kazakhstan move closer to Western countries? There are roughly two reasons. The first reason is that Kazakhstan is afraid of sanctions from Western countries. The economic development of Kazakhstan is inseparable from the help of Western countries, so they dare not offend Western countries at all.

The second reason is that the relationship between Kazakhstan and Russia is a bit complicated. There are a lot of pro -Russian strength in Kazakhstan, and even the mother tongue of many people is Russian. Since Russia can recognize the independence of Ukraine's pro -Russian region, will they recognize the independence of Kazakhstan's pro -Russian region? This is the current concern of the Kazakhstan government, and the country is always guarding Russia at all times.

Faced with various actions in Kazakhstan, Russia is naturally dissatisfied. After all, Russia has personally shot to help the country to calm down the "unusual turmoil." Russia's host even issued a warning on the show, reminding Kazakhstan not to try not to become "the next Ukraine."

Katayev recently described Russia with "neighbors given by God" and admitted that Russian's status in Kazakhstan is still stable, and the number of schools taught in Russian has not changed. It is not difficult to see from this statement that Kazakhstan does not want to turn over with Russia, and the country just wants to "control the source".

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