The South China Sea ban, the PLA said!If Meifei doesn't believe it, it will sooner or later suffer a lot!

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The South China Sea ban, the PLA said!If Meifei doesn't believe it, it will sooner or later suffer a lot!

2022-06-20 18:14:18 18 ℃

Recently, the United States temporarily shelved against Russia's sanctions, but the United States started to China and shifted its attention to the Asia -Pacific region. Recently, the United States is in a large area to promote its Asia -Pacific economic strategy. , Philippines, Australia and other countries to visit, and actively attract these countries to join the US strategic camp. Provoked China's sovereignty, but the Chinese PLA also said that it would swear to defend China's territorial security. I hope that the Philippines will maintain a friendly attitude, otherwise it will be a big loss sooner or later!

China has basically maintained a gentle relationship with the Philippines in many ways. Recently, the Philippines President President President Paris Coschat announced in a video on the online event that China will be an indispensable partner in the future development of the Philippines. Hope with China's future development relations. In fact, China and the Philippines are originally friendly partnerships. Strengthening the exchanges between the two countries is not only good for the Philippines itself, but also good for China. This is a win -win benefit. Not only that, China is in the new crown. In the past few years, the epidemic has continued to help the countries in need. The Philippines is one of the beneficiaries. This has also strengthened the relationship between the two countries. Woolen cloth? The reason is in the South China Sea. Even though the Philippines and China maintain a friendly trade relationship and continue to strengthen the cultural exchanges between the two parties, the South China Sea issue has always been a contradiction between the two countries. Originally, the South China Sea issue had gained unanimous opinions from the two parties during his tenure, but now The Philippines is about to change the new president, and the old things have begun on the South China Sea issue. The Philippines officially became an independent country in 1946, but since the Philippines announced its independence, no documents, including the Philippines Constitution, did not say that the Nansha Islands are the jurisdiction of the Philippines. Any provisions on the Nansha Islands are under the jurisdiction of the Philippines. The reason why the Philippines is so embarrassed by the South China Sea territory is because the Philippines relying on the distance between themselves and the South China Sea, drilling the empty international treaty and trying to implement the strategic plan to protect the oil and gas resources of the Nansha waters. Unilaterally decided to decompose the South China Sea with China, and the Philippines value the Nansha Islands' natural resources. At all costs, they must forcibly implement the embedding in Nansha Islands.

The reason why the Philippines provoked this time was because of a fisherman's regulations promulgated by the Chinese government. The Philippine party believed that China's ban on fishing for fishing had infringed the jurisdiction of the Philippines in terms of jurisdiction, so it was accused of China.

The regulations for fishing for fishing are not a newly promulgated regulations. For China, the fishermen's fishing period will be adjusted according to the laws of nature every year. As the season changes, the length of the fishing period will be slightly different. The fishing period is implemented as usual, but the Philippines has been carried out for a month during the fishing rest period. Suddenly criticizing and condemning China, unilaterally indicates that China's fishing behavior infringe on the Philippines. China said that China in accordance with the laws of nature in accordance with the laws of nature. It is also a very correct rule to set the fishing period reasonably, and does not interfere with the development of other countries. China's measures are not only conducive to the sustainable development of China's marine fisheries, but also contribute to the sustainable development of the entire marine system. And criticism is unknown. Even though marine fisheries are important development resources for the Philippines, the Philippines's practice is a bit exaggerated. Why does the implementation of global policies angered the Philippines? The Philippines is a bit sinful. What is tongue is that after the Philippines condemned China, the United States continued to show good to the Philippines and eager to strengthen the realization of the Indo -Pacific strategy.

Due to the geographical location and historical reasons of the South China Sea, China and the Philippines have contradictions in the jurisdiction of the South China Sea. According to historical records, China was the first country to discover and named the Nansha Islands. This has a historical book as a research. The Chinese territory was returned to China, but the period of dispute later was in the 1970s, the Nansha Islands gradually exposed some islands and reefs. These islands and reefs were gradually occupied by the Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei and other countries. The current battle of the South China Sea. The South China Sea has rich natural resources, especially natural gas and petroleum reserves. Some rare metals reach 35 kinds. Because it is an island, fish resources are also extremely rich. Because of this, many countries are sovereignty in the South China Sea. Hope You can get a share on the South China Sea. At the same time, because of the lack of the South China Sea in international law, it only stipulates the exclusive economic zone system, but the system ignores the historical factors between the country and cannot solve the problem of islands between the country. In addition to abundant resources, the South China Sea also assumes important strategic location tasks. The South China Sea is the main channel for China's import and export trade to connect Southeast Asia, South Asia, West Asia, Africa and European countries.

Since the nineteenth century, France, Britain, and Japan have continued to move their brains on the South China Sea. In 1867, France took the lead in sending investigators to board the Nansha Islands and tried to draw a complete map of the Nansha Islands. This was a preparation for France to occupy Nansha. Until 1933, France officially began an invasion of the Nansha Islands, but Fortunately, the conspiracy of France did not succeed and defended the sovereignty of the South China Sea. During the period, the United Kingdom was also provoking, and facilities such as water aircraft, submarines, and submarines were successively provoked. They sneaked into Nansha territory and tried to repeat France's plot, but were severely stopped. In 1917, Japan continued to inspect the South China Sea, but Japan's ambitions were far from this. The inspection was just a name. The real purpose was to leave the marks on the marks of Japan on the South China Sea Islands. The arrogant Japan even mined resources in the South China Sea. In 1939, he stated that he had the territory of the South China Sea. It was not until the end of World War II that Japan announced the defeat that it returned the stealing South China Sea to China. Since then, the Chinese government has continuously strengthened the defense work in the South China Sea, and sent important officials to guard the Nansha Islands and commemorate it. But even so, the Philippines still has a great opinion. It is necessary to divide the part of the South China Sea, and all the remarks have no historical basis, which is completely a robber practice. Whether it is the Philippines or any country, China does not want to adopt force to resolve disputes. On the South China Sea issue, China also hopes to reach an agreement with the Philippines to resolve contradictions between the two countries in a peaceful way. Therefore, China has always been to maintain friendly exchanges and take the initiative to resolve the contradiction between the two parties. China said that in the South China Sea issue, China is willing to take the relevant system of international marine law as the standard to resolve the South China Sea dispute through the form of peaceful negotiations. In response, the Chinese government advocates the concept of "shelving disputes and developing together". Concern. The creation of the sea of ​​cooperation cannot be solved by force, and various countries must strengthen their vigilance to prevent the interference and interference of countries outside the region and ensure the security and stability of the South China Sea. China will continue to strengthen friendship with ASEAN and continue to ensure that the South China Sea will continue to ensure that the South China Sea’s in the South China Sea The freedom and safety of navigation, some countries often slander the name of my country in the name of navigation freedom to implement hegemonism in navigation. This is an irresponsible statement. Even if it is a little bit bumped in the South China Sea and other countries such as the Philippines. China also hopes to sit down. Cultivation of the mindfulness, culture can be exchanged, and contradictions can be resolved. For the long -term development of various countries, China is willing to focus on the implementation of the "Declaration of Behavior of the South China Sea". Efforts to achieve the prosperity and security of the South China Sea are a big plan. As long as they reduce misunderstandings and frictions, they can achieve common development, reject the provocation and incitement of other countries, enhance their trust, and develop the South China Sea.