"Biden is not the president of the United States!" "We want to be independent from the United States!"

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"Biden is not the president of the United States!" "We want to be independent from the United States!"

2022-06-21 00:04:35 20 ℃

This article is transferred from [Global Times New Media];

According to several US media reports, at the State Congress of the Republican Congress of the U.S. Texas Last weekend, thousands of members of the Republican participation in the state have passed a number of extremely crazy resolutions and programs.

These do not have any legal binding power, but the verbal resolutions and programs that have certain guiding significance to the local Republican Party include: refusing to acknowledge that Biden is the legal president of the United States, resist the legislation of the US government to restrict guns, and call for it to restart next year to restart to be restarted next year. Whether the state is separated from the US referendum ...

Judging from the report of the Washington Post, the conference of the Republican Party of Dezhou can be described as a chowine with extremely right -wing conservatives in the United States, which is full of content that is almost incompatible with the ideology of the United States.

The most eye -catching one is that the conference passed the verbal resolution that the conference refused to recognize the current President of the United States as a legal president. Although the people around Trump have acknowledged that Trump was defeated and Biden did not cheat, in Texas, one of the United States Republican camps, these Republican branches still insisted that there were serious fraud in the US presidential election in 2020. It depends on the election fraud.

In addition, the Republicans of the Demon State also made it clear that they opposed John Cornyn, a US federal senator representing the state, to discuss the legislation of the Democratic politicians -even if the state from the United States not long ago, A primary school 19 children and 2 teachers had just died under the violence of guns. Corning, who came to the conference, was booed at the conference.

The Republican members of the Dizhou also called on the local Republican politician to pass legislation as soon as possible in a party program. In 2023, they restarted whether to separate the state from the United States to become a "referendum" of an independent country.

In addition, many of these Republican members of the Dizhou Republican Party also showed an extremely exclusive attitude towards the LGBTQ group, including homosexuality and transgender groups, not only indicating that homosexuality is an "abnormal lifestyle", but cross -sex is "mental illness". It is even forbidden to propagate at their state -level conferences from a representative of the Republican party. Ironically, even Trump, the son of former US President Trump, felt that these people were too much.

They also asked to suspend all abortion, abolish federal taxes and abolish the Federal Reserve ...

At present, the Republican Party of Dezhou has become one of the popular topics on the American social network because of the above situations. U.S. netizens who disgusted these people exclaimed, did these Republican members of the state of the state want to provoke another civil war in the United States?