"Bombing in the United States, China Construction!" China has heated heated discussions at the construction of 1,000 schools in Iraq

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"Bombing in the United States, China Construction!" China has heated heated discussions at the construction of 1,000 schools in Iraq

2022-06-22 00:27:14 18 ℃

(Observer.com) Recently, the news of the Iraqi Shathan News Agency about "China Building a Thousand Schools in Iraq" has aroused the attention of foreign netizens. A report published on the 18th states that China ’s education programs supporting 1,000 schools in Iraq will be held on the same day to announce the official start of construction to help the country rebuild the education system after the“ Iraq War ”led by the United States. Many foreign netizens have sent out the emotions of "American bombing, Chinese construction", and some people call it "in the big country competition, China is participating in the level that the United States can never understand."

On the day of "World Refugee Day" (20th), some netizens also sent the stalk map of "China and the United States in the Iranian University" to the U.S. Secretary of State Brosky, who boasted that the United States to help the refugee, and mocked it: " China has built 1,000 schools in Iraq, and the United States has killed 16,000 civilians in Iraq. This is how China and the United States have practiced human rights in Iraq. "

According to statistics released by non -governmental organizations in April this year, since the outbreak of the Iraq war, the number of civilian deaths in Iraqi caused by the war may be more than 209,000. If soldiers, police and other public officials are added, the total number of deaths is far exceeding this number.

According to earlier reports, on December 16 last year (2021), the Chinese government signed an agreement with the Iraqi government announced that China would help Iraq to rebuild the education system, including the construction of 1,000 schools, China Electric Power Construction Group (later referred to as "China Power Construction" ) (679) and CLP International Technology Co., Ltd. (321) participated in the construction.

At the time of the Iraqi Ministry of Housing and Construction Officer Hassan Mejaham, the 1,000 schools to be built by China Enterprises will be completed within two years.

The official Iraqi government Twitter issued this, and the country's Prime Minister Musafa Cardimi attended the signing ceremony

On June 18 this year, the project in China was officially started. According to the Iraqi Shathan News Agency, the "Iraq Demonstration School" project was held in Baghdad in the province of Baghdad on the morning of the morning.

Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Cardimi attended the ceremony and delivered a warm speech. It stated that the "Iraqi Demonstration School" project was an important strategic project related to the people's livelihood community. The project was committed to serving the society and cultivated future leaders for Iraq.

He specifically mentioned that since the end of the "Iraq War" in 2003, the restoration of the education system has not received enough attention. "In Qianqiu".

According to reports, the "Iraqi Demonstration School" project is the first batch of projects in the 8,000 schools planned by the Iraqi government before 2030. It is also the most urgent political engineering and people's livelihood project in Iraq. It is the hope of the entire country after the war.

The schematic diagram is from Beijing Daily

It is reported that the foundation of the foundation ceremony marked the formal implementation of the project plan. As the projects in different provinces in Iraq have started, the construction of the school project group has been fully rolled out and has progressed smoothly.

Taking China Power Construction as an example, 679 schools in 10 provinces in Iraq have successively entered the substantive stage of construction. As of May 4, the schools with the construction conditions of the project have been substantially excavated and increased at a rate of dozens of per week.

The foundation of the foundation on June 18 is from the official website of China Electricity Construction

Although this news is not seen in Western media, it has attracted a lot of attention in overseas social media. Many foreign netizens sent out the emotion of "American bombing, Chinese construction".

Hong Kong's "South China Morning Post" reported in December last year that the project also compared a lot of comparisons that when China signed a cooperation agreement with Iraq, the US military in Iraqi just ended its combat mission. The scandal said that there are confidential documents that the US air strike in the Middle East directly leads to thousands of local civilians, including many children.

The Russian media "Russia Today" also published a report entitled "China in Iraq, but unlike the United States", saying that the United States spent a few years to explode Iraq's face -to -face and kill the local people unscrupulous. Building 1,000 schools, these schools will serve those children who are influenced by the American war.

The UNICE Foundation website said that Iraq's decades of conflict and insufficient investment have destroyed the best education system in the region. In this country with a population of 40 million people, nearly 3.2 million children have lost school.

Some people say, "What is destroyed by the United States, China will rebuild."

A netizen who claimed to be a "reporter" said, "The United States -led NATO destroyed more than 100 schools in Iraq, killed more than 1,000 school -age children, and China will establish 1,000 schools here."

In fact, the damage to the Iraqi school in the United States is far greater than this data. In 2007, the United Nations Children's Foundation had made a comprehensive investigation on the situation of Iraq's school for the first time. In 2003 alone, more than 200 primary schools were damaged in the bombing of Iraq in the United States. In addition, hundreds of schools were burned and more than 3,000 schools were robbed.

Benjamin Norton, a well -known American investigation reporter, reposted related reports, saying that the United States has carried out cruel bombing and military occupation of Iraq over the years. On the contrary, China is building schools there. Another American independent journalist Danny Haiphong also commented on "Sino -US University": China opened 1,000 schools, the United States invested 17,000 bombs, with an average of 46 pieces per day.

Today, this aid plan in China is in full swing, making some netizens feel: "The United States brings death and destruction, China brings hope and development."

Some people have expressed justice and freedom, "the United States bombard, China is built. The unintentional hearts of the bombing other countries", "in this great country's competition, China is participating in different levels that the United States can never understand."

"The United States destroys Iraq and China has invested billions of assistance to Iraq. Do you think Iraqi people want to cooperate most in the future? All countries should consider it carefully."

Coincidentally, just a few days when foreign netizens discussed the incident in recent days, a speech by US Secretary of State Brills on social media happened to "hit the muzzle."

June 20th is "World Refugee Day". Blingken posted on Twitter that day that millions of refugees in the world are forced to leave their hometown every year, and the United States will help these refugees through various channels.

As the country that is most enthusiastic about launching foreign wars in the world, the United States is one of the culprits that lead to countless refugees. As far as the Iraqi war is concerned, the United States has caused the fastest refugee crisis in the world. The United Nations estimates that there are 4 million refugees in Iraq and refugees fled to neighbors, and 3,000 people leave Iraq every day.

So some netizens specially mocked it with the stalks of "China and the United States in Iraq" in the comment area of ​​this tweet. . This is how China and the United States have practiced human rights in Iraq. "

According to previous Reuters reports, the "Demonstration School" project is the first project implemented under the framework of China -Iranian cooperation. In addition, China will continue to provide assistance to the Middle East. According to a statement in the Iraqi Prime Minister's office, Iraq and China Electric Power Construction signed an agreement to build a 2,000 MW photovoltaic power plant. China Power Construction will first build a 750 MW installation capacity.

Just two days before the foundation of the "Demonstration School" project (16th), the 2.5MW of the Iraqi 9 district of Gezhouba Electric Power Company in China was successfully completed and successfully delivered to the delivery. The project is the first floor photovoltaic power plant in Iraq. Iran said that it will use the project as a model project to promote and display it to make the construction of the construction of photovoltaic projects in the future.