Jiang Shixue: What does Latin American "turn left" mean

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Jiang Shixue: What does Latin American "turn left" mean

2022-06-23 00:02:18 15 ℃

In the second round of Presidential elections in Columbia held a few days ago, the left -wing campaign "Colombian History Convention" candidate Gustov Petro won the presidential election. The media noticed that left -wing politicians were elected as Columbia President, and it was unprecedented in this South American country.

Based on 1999 Chavez was marked by Venezuela President, Latin American left wing entered an unprecedented new era. However, the death of President Chavez in March 2013, Russeff, a left -wing President Rosheff in August 2016, and the "four -year crisis" (political crisis, economic crisis, diplomatic crisis and social crisis) that Venezuela encountered for many years. Make Latin American left wing in a low tide.

In recent years, Latin America's left wing seems to have got rid of this low tide and presents a new sight of Dongshan. Petro's victory has undoubtedly strengthened this momentum, and even to a certain extent, Lulaga, a left -wing candidate in the Brazilian election in October this year.

Latin America's left wing can be divided into radical left and gentle left. The former's internal affairs and diplomacy tend to be extreme, while the latter shows more pragmatic characteristics. No wonder some scholars believe that in Latin America's political spectrum, the left is not too left, and the right is not too right. In this regard, although the result of the Colombian election has further promoted Latin America to "turn left", this does not mean that Latin America will have a "change of earth". In other words, although Petro's internal affairs and diplomacy have been adjusted more or less, the development direction of Colombia and other Latin American countries will not undergo fundamental changes.

First, the new crown epidemic has made Latin American countries hit hard. Because the unconventional departments of the Latin American countries are very large (more than 50%of the number of employment in many countries), some anti -epidemic management measures have stalled the Latin American economy. Some media believe that the "twin epidemic" (new crown and poverty) encountered by Latin America may cause the region to fall into the "lost ten years". It is true that in some Latin American countries, the signs of economic recovery have emerged, but if it is necessary to completely get rid of the sequelae of the "twin epidemic", both the left -wing government and the right government need to take real measures. In this regard, Petro will also imitate other left -wing leaders and vigorously develop the economy.

The second is how to solve the problem of corruption. The Nobel Prize winner, Peruvian writer Mario Balgas Lolsa, once said that if you want to use a word to describe Latin America, it is "corruption". Therefore, both Petro and other left -wing leaders held up the banner of anti -corruption during the campaign, saying that they would fight corruption fiercely. But how much they can gain is a question to be observed. It should be noted that many Ratin -American left -wing politicians have also fell on corruption. Although the ruling method of governing the country in the Latin American left -wing government is different, there is an obvious common characteristic: holding up the banner of people's doctrine, people -oriented, and attaching importance to social development. This is the main reason why the people at the bottom support the left -wing government.

In the past few decades, the independence of Latin American diplomacy has become more and more obvious, and Latin America's "turning to the left" has undoubtedly promoted this trend to a certain extent. Although Latin America ’s first -looking days are gone, the United States will continue to regard Latin America as its“ backyard ”. It is difficult for the United States to disappear thoroughly in Latin America. It can be expected that the United States' policy on Latin America will continue to be based on "carrot increase" hard and hard.

Some American scholars believe that in the past one or two or two decades, the United States has "negligent Latin America" ​​and the East Mountains in Latin America's left wing to provide "vacuum" for China to enter Latin America. This judgment is extremely wrong. The website of the German "International Politics and Society" magazine recently published that Latin America's international relations have been diversified, and a consensus obtained by the region is that it cannot be a place for great powers. The foundation of China -Latinner relations is not ideology, but mutual benefit and win -win. Because of this, the Sino -Latient relations can be steadily advanced. Regardless of whether the person in charge is the left or right, it is impossible for Latin American countries to "choose the side station" in the Sino -US game.

Latin America's left -wing power is the continuous and diversified performance of the democratization of the region, and it is also a useful practice and attempt for Latin America to explore another path of development. We might as well help Latin America to find our own way to help Latin America. (The author is a special professor of Shanghai University and director of the Latin American Research Center