After China refused to cancel the sanctions, the Australian office announced that it was closed because red wine could not be sold

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After China refused to cancel the sanctions, the Australian office announced that it was closed because red wine could not be sold

2022-06-23 00:02:27 16 ℃

As we all know, the relationship between China and Australia has continued to deteriorate in the past two years, and the economic and trade exchanges between the two countries have also been impacted. On June 21, local time, the Australian Wine Association with an official background announced that it would close the office in Shanghai, China, because the sales of Australian red wine in China are not ideal. Simply put, it cannot be sold.

Red wine is one of the important products exported by Australia to China. Before 2020, China was the largest export market in Australia. In August 2020, the Ministry of Commerce of China launched an anti -dumping survey of Australian red wine, and then announced that it had levied anti -dumping duties. The Australian red wine in the Chinese market also lost its competitiveness in the Chinese market.

Subsequently, the share of Australian red wine in the Chinese market continued to decline. This was originally a relatively common dispute in trade between the two countries, and it was not solved. Raising trade disputes between the two countries to political heights.

On May 25, the Australian Minister of Finance, Chammer, publicly ordered China to withdraw a order to China, asking China to withdraw trade tariffs on Australia and promote the development of bilateral relations, but was rejected by China. In this regard, Wang Wenbin, a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, said that China has taken corresponding measures to foreign products in China to comply with Chinese laws and regulations and WTO rules, and it is completely reasonable and legitimate.

Objectively speaking, there is indeed a certain complementary relationship between China and Australia. China needs Australian iron ore, red wine, natural gas and other products, and Australia also needs a super market in China. But it should be noted that Australia's dependence on the Chinese market far exceeds China's dependence on Australian goods.

Both iron ore nor natural gas belong to the primary product, not an irreplaceable thing. Even without the source of imports in Australia, China can quickly find a substitute. After the deterioration of Sino -Australian relations, Australian wines have plummeted in China, and red wine from the United States has quickly topped, filling the vacancies of Australia. This is a good example.

At present, China's most dependent goods to Australia are iron ore. In this field, China has also prepared for many years. Recently, there are media reports that the China Iron and Steel Industry Association has proposed a "cornerstone plan" about iron ore procurement, which is ready to fundamentally reduce the dependence of iron ore to foreign countries.

On June 16, the British "Financial Times" also reported that China will set up a centralized purchase of iron ore by the end of this year to compete for Australia's dominant position. If China also has dominance in the field of iron ore, Australia will completely lose bargaining chips with China.

Therefore, Australia is more anxious about the decline in Sino -Australian relations. However, politicians in Western countries are used to domineering all over the world, and even if they are seeking China, they are still a high -toic. It is said that it is necessary to do a good job in China, but first discredit China and create some public opinion that attacks China, trying to occupy a favorable position in the negotiations.

But they may have forgotten that China is the world's number one super buyer and the world's largest industrial country. In the field of China's "stuck neck", China will be overcome sooner or later, and if China stops buying their primary products and raw materials, they will be difficult to find the second market like China.

For a long time in the past, Australia has dominated in the fields of iron ore. With the help of friendly relations between China and Australia in previous years, Australian wines and beef products have also opened sales in China. But after the deterioration of China -Australia relations, this situation does not exist.

Now that Australia has changed the new government, it still adheres to anti -China policies, then Australia can only lose China's supermarket. You know, China is not a former China. China welcomes all friendly countries to talk about business, but we do n’t have much patience and energy for countries such as Australia with private goods and we do n’t know how to repent.