American media hot frying India will prevent "anti -US" at the BRICS Summit

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American media hot frying India will prevent "anti -US" at the BRICS Summit

2022-06-23 06:02:14 12 ℃

[Text/Observer Network Li Li] The fourteenth meeting of the BRICS leaders will be held this week (June 23rd to 24th). However, US media such as Bloomberg and CNN have begun to speculate in India's position recently.

In a report on June 21, local time in Bloomberg, an Indian official claimed that China and Russia would prevent China and Russia from using the summit to obtain the so -called "victory" for the United States and its allies. India will "fight for righteousness" to prevent the summit from "anti -United States", and claims that India's negotiating representatives will ensure that any joint statement issued by the summit will be neutral.

Public reports show that since this year, Argentina and other countries have intended to join the BRICS countries. Earlier, India's "Sunday Guardian" quoted India's "top diplomatic sources" on June 4th that Indiamore believed that it was difficult for the BRICS countries to "reach a consensus in the BRICS countries, just like one of the important members of the BRICS That's what Brazil shows. " However, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov has explicitly expressed support for BRICS expansion, saying that Saudi Arabia and Argentina want to join.

On May 27, a spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Wang Wenbin, also explicitly stated that as the chairman of the BRICS chairman this year, China actively supports the BRICS countries to launch the expansion process and expand the "BRICS+" cooperation. Essence The foreign ministers of the BRICS countries held recently supported the promotion of the promotion of the promotion of the BRICS expansion process, and the "BRICS+" Foreign Minister dialogue was held for the first time, which fully showed that the cooperation between the BRICS was open and tolerant. China will promote the in -depth discussions on the expansion of the BRICS parties, and formulate expansion standards and procedures on the basis of consultation. Looking forward to more like -minded partners to join the BRICS "big family".

In addition, Bloomberg also played the problem that the summit would provide China and Russia with a so -called "tool to expand its global order vision" and believe that China provided "important support" to Russia.

Another US media CNN reported on June 22 also hyped up the summit, worried that this would make "Putin returned to the world stage". The leaders of the BRICS countries were avoiding directly condemning Russia, and at the expense of "Western Friends" conflict.

However, Susant Singh, a senior researcher at the New Delhi Policy Research Center, pointed out that there is no need to make a fuss about Putin's participation. He said: "We are talking about some very important economies. Their leadership is willing to stand with Putin, even if it is only on a virtual platform."

"In fact, Putin is popular. He is not a 'bitch", he has not been kicked out. This is a normal contact, which happens every year, and it is still happening. This is a great benefit for Putin. "Singh said.

Regarding the conflict of Russia and Ukraine, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China has previously stated that the Russian and Ukraine crisis has been delayed so far, China has always supported and encouraged all diplomatic efforts that conducive to peaceful resolution of crisis, advocating to maintain restraint, equal dialogue between countries, and avoid continuing the situation with actual actions to avoid continuing the situation. Worsening and large -scale humanitarian crisis.

Although the Hindu Times also reposted this report from Bloomberg, from the introduction of the summit content of the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bloomberg seems to be "self -affectionate".

"The BRICS country has become a platform for discussing and reviewing all developing countries," the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs introduced in a statement on Tuesday (June 21) that the current BRICS Summit will discuss the heads of state. "The cooperation between the BRICS countries in the fields of counter -terrorism, trade, hygiene, traditional medicine, environment, etc." may also discuss the anti -epidemic and global economic recovery issues.

Screenshot of the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

On June 21, at the press conference and international seminar of "BRICS: New Future of Global Development", nearly ten experts and scholars from BRICS, including Brazil, Russia, India, South Africa, and China attended the meeting. The 18,000 -word report pointed out that the west has come to the west wearing colored glasses to look at the growth and innovation mechanism of the BRICS countries, and use various arguments to sing down and discredit the BRICS mechanism. The "Report" uses facts and data to strongly refute the "top ten misunderstandings" of western countries to sing the Vancouver countries, demonstrate the new weather brought by the cooperation mechanism of the Vietnamese country under the new situation, and it in the global economic recovery The important role and a strong role in promoting.