President Kazakhstan's noodles, refused to recognize Wudong independence, and also made a bright attitude towards Taiwan's issue.

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President Kazakhstan's noodles, refused to recognize Wudong independence, and also made a bright attitude towards Taiwan's issue.

2022-06-23 06:02:24 12 ℃

When the Russian conflict lasted, President Kazakhstan refused to recognize Wudong independence in front of Putin and did not give Putin at all. At the same time, President Harbin also compared it with Taiwan's Taiwan issue and made a bright attitude.

As we all know, on the eve of the outbreak of the Russian and Ukraine conflict, Russian President Putin signed an order to acknowledge the "quasi -national status" of Lugusk and Donetsk in the Wudong area, which caused strong attention from international public opinion. With the continuity of Russia and Ukraine's conflict, in addition to the United States and Western countries, internationally, some countries still have opposition to Russia's "quasi -country status" of Russia's recognition of Rougusk and Donetsk. For example, Russia's neighbors Kazakhstan.

Recently, at the time of attending the 25th St. Petersburg Economic Forum, Kazakhstan President Toccyev in front of Putin bluntly said that Kazakhstan would not acknowledge the "quasi -national status" of Lugusk and Donedsk. It is the same as Kazakhstan's recognition of southern Oussean ladder, Kosovo and Taiwan. The reason given by Tocaev is that the current international order is the basis of the United Nations Charter, but the two principles of the United Nations are actually contradictory, that is, national integrity and national self -determination. Some people think that the integrity of the country is sacred and inviolable, and the other person believes that a certain part of the structure of any country's structure has the right to establish its own country and have the right to split from one country. Self -determination, then the United Nations will no longer be 193 countries, but will appear 500 to 600 countries.

If you want to figure out the reason why Takayev has such a statement, you must first clarify the content of the so -called "national self -determination". Simply independent. It is understood that this concept was proposed by former US President Wilson. Its purpose was to dissatisfied with Britain and France to control most of the global colonies and want to compete with Britain and France. Resistance to British and French colonial rule. Although the plan has the positive significance of resisting colonial rule in the early days, with the rise of the US hegemony and the implementation of the "color revolution" that the United States is good at, the nature of "national self -determination" has gradually begun to change. Western provocation and an common excuse for invading other countries. For example, the Kosovo war was conducted by Europe and the United States under the banner of "national self -determination".

It is in this context that when the main ethnic Russians in the two places in Lugusk and Donetsk, when they decided to independence and join Russia, Russia also "learned" the United States and the West, admitted according to the "national self -determination" recognition Their "country" status has helped them realize the desire of "independence". To figure out these, I also understand that Toccerv's face in front of Putin said that it does not support the "independent" statement of the Lugusk and Donetsk region. It is a kind of concern for Kazakhstan, that is, the abuse of the West in national self -determination and anxiety about Russia's imitation of Western practices. But in some aspects, Tocaev said in this public place that it did make Putin a bit out of Taiwan.

For Takayev's words, it must be emphasized that he will not recognize the "independence" of the Wudong region compared with the Taiwan issue, which is obviously wrong. Taiwan is a province in China. The issue of Taiwan belongs to the internal affairs of China. It has not risen to the height at the international level, and cross -strait relations do not involve the issue of "national self -determination". Different.