India is completely messy!Young people lose hope to be smashed on the street, facing the recruitment Modi

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India is completely messy!Young people lose hope to be smashed on the street, facing the recruitment Modi

2022-06-23 06:02:15 12 ℃

The reform of the recruitment system launched by the Indian government has triggered large -scale protests. According to the news from the new tourism aspect, seven states in India have been for 5 consecutive days, and due to the new recruitment plan, severe violent protests broke out. At present, at least one person has killed dozens of injuries. As the protests continue, the number of casualties will definitely continue to increase.

In the past, due to various policy changes in India, demonstrations often broke out. It seemed that it was no wonder that the outside world had long seen it, but this time it was obviously different from the past. According to reports from foreign media at the scene, a large number of angry Indians gathered at the train station. They not only destroyed relevant facilities, but also fired several trains, and had a serious conflict with local police.

According to unproven news, in this incident, some Indian police officers opened fire with the fire with real bullets to try to dispel the gathering of gathering people. In the process, a Indian man was killed.

As the situation continued to ferment, the Indian government began to take more severe blockade. In Gurga, the capital of Delhi, Indian authorities announced the full ban on public assembly. A similar method is also taken in other areas. However, more and more angry Indian young people have begun to attack local government agencies and political leaders in the attack of the attack.

Whether India has fallen into a national violence riots is not yet determined, but it can be clearly felt that the new recruitment plan has completely detonated the long backlog in India's young people.

What caused all this was the recruitment reform plan issued by Indian Prime Minister Modi. According to the plan, the Indian government is the three army and air forces of the land, sea, and air, with an additional 46,000, and the service personnel between the ages of 17 and 21 are 4 years in the contract period. But after 4 years, only 25%of people will continue to stay in the army, and the rest will be fired without any pension or other benefits.

The reason why young people in India are so angry are mainly because before that, the Indian army signed a 15 -year long contract with the applicant. After the service period, they would also provide them with pension and other employment benefits. Therefore, the gap is very obvious under comparison. From the perspective of Indians, the new recruitment plan means that at least 46,000 young Indians will be kicked open after serving the Indian army for 4 years with a meager salary. They could not accept such harsh conditions.

Unlike China, in India, the soldiers are considered a lifelong career. Especially in India, the Sikhs and Kurkha people are often served in the army in three generations. They can retire as long as they have been doing for 15 years. In addition to pensions, they can also enjoy other employment benefits.

On the one hand, this system gave the Indian army a stable source of troops. But at the same time, it is also a heavy financial burden. In order to reduce the expenditure, the Modi government had to make this strategy, and directly broke the revenue source of many Indian families. It also made Indian young people who are currently difficult to employment, and lost their hope of life.

This situation directly reflects the domestic economic situation in India and is very unobtrusive. Even if it can make high profits of US $ 1 billion by selling Russian oil and earn $ 1 billion per day, the Indian government is still unable to save, trapped in the quagmire and the collapse India. economy. Experts believe that the comprehensive violence activities caused by the reform of the recruitment system this time are only a centralized explosion point for all the contradictions in India. Due to the long -term backlog of India's various serious social contradictions, the critical point of the outbreak has been reached. To deal with this matter, riots will inevitably spread to other regions and all levels of society. India has maintained a high -speed development of decades, or thoroughly ended, and may enter the chaos.