Will there be a result?Zelei: historic moment!Medvedev said the truth

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Will there be a result?Zelei: historic moment!Medvedev said the truth

2022-06-23 06:02:02 11 ℃

The EU Summit is about to be held in Brussels from 23rd to 24th of this month. For Ukraine, which is still trapped in war, this summit is very important because in this meeting, the leaders of EU member states will discuss whether to give the status of Ukraine EU candidates.

Therefore, last weekend, Ukraine President Zelezi posted a video, excitedly, "Tomorrow will start the 'historic week', and we will receive a reply to whether the EU will give us a candidate status."

By June 21, the Ukrainian Presidential Office issued a statement saying that Zelei Sky was also invited to speak in the opening ceremony of the NATO Summit in the opening ceremony of the NATO Summit. At that time, all NATO leaders will attend.

Some officials within the European Union and Zeelianzki also reported on this. The largest party group of the European Parliament, the head of the European People's Party, Mandfred Weber on the 20th calling on the status of the EU candidate for Ukraine on the 20th, saying that this is Ukraine in the Important "booster" in the current battle. He claims that the expansion of the European Union is no longer just an economic issue, but a issue of values ​​and security policies.

So, what is the significance of getting the status of the candidate? How far is it from becoming a member of the EU?

In fact, for Ukraine, gaining a candidate status is basically equivalent to getting a valuable short check.

Because becoming a candidate country does not mean that it can automatically become a member of the European Union. Next, it is necessary to conduct procedures such as joining the alliance. All member states need to agree to the negotiations to open.

The procedure to join the EU is simply divided into four steps: the application-obtaining the status of the candidate-start negotiation-approval. In the process, in addition to the application, the rest of the steps must be approved by 27 member states.

In addition, in front of Ukraine, there are still several countries that have obtained candidates, waiting in line to join the EU. If the European Union allows Ukraine to "close", it will inevitably cause dissatisfaction among other candidate states.

Besides, a realistic topic: After Croaton's joining in July 2013, the European Union has not attracted a new country for nearly ten years.

In this regard, the German "Spiegel" Weekly commented on the 20th that the European Union made "a promise of worthless articles" in Ukraine, and the qualifications of the candidate country are not good for Ukraine.

Ukraine needs weapons, funds and comprehensive political support from the EU, but opposite, it has only a empty commitment. By granted the status of Ukrainian candidates, the European Union also sent information about "you are not important" to the Westbargan country waiting for "joining the alliance." This is politically short. In addition, the European Union itself has not been prepared for expansion, and it has not been reached on this issue.

Russian President Putin also performed very calm about this, saying that Russia did not oppose Ukraine to join the European Union, and even questioned whether Ukraine's joining the EU will provide new impetus for U -Purchab's economic growth.

Recently, former Russian president and vice chairman of the Russian Federal Security Conference, Modvedev, who "Full Firepower", once again "poisoned tongue".

He posted a long article on social media that although the European Commission suggested that the status of the Ukraine EU candidate, but also a series of conditions, that is, Ukraine should become "better", "cleaner", "less corruption, less corruption, and less corruption. "," More developed "," more enlightened "," smarter ".

He predicts that Ukraine joins the EU "time or in the middle of this century, not earlier." Medvedev even hinted that the European Union may have disintegrated like the Soviet Union.