Seeing a video on the Internet, the heroine was actually herself. A 19 -year -old male student was arrested

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Seeing a video on the Internet, the heroine was actually herself. A 19 -year -old male student was arrested

2022-06-23 06:02:02 11 ℃

A female high school student in Vietnam saw her indecent video on social networking sites, and she was in depression. After the police accompanied by the parents, the police now arrested a 19 -year -old man.

According to the Vietnamese media reported on June 21, 2022, on June 21, 2022, the police in Yuhai County, Kunsong Province, Vietnam said they had arrested a 19 -year -old man. The man used indecent videos to extort a high school girl. He is a college freshman and is currently preparing to enroll.

The victim is a female high school student. On May 30, 2022, some indecent videos and photos of victims appeared on social networking sites Facebook. These posts quickly received a lot of comments. After seeing the victim, the girl was in depression. With the encouragement of her parents, she reported to the police station on June 2.

According to female students, in 2021, she saw a event that could get a lottery to get Apple mobile phones in social media, so she sent a text message to ask how to participate. After that, the girl recorded a video and sent a video to the other in order to get an Apple phone. After that, the girl was repeatedly threatened and extorted with this period many times.

After receiving the report, the police set up a special investigation team. They quickly determined that the criminal suspect was a 19 -year -old VHTT, and currently lives in the rental house in Pingcheng District, Ho Chi Minh. On the evening of June 15, VHTT was arrested by the police.

Checking VHTT's mobile phone, the police found the Facebook account and other evidence that published videos and photos. When he was arrested, VHTT was very surprised and panic. VHTT is just a student who is ready to enter school in August.

The relevant departments are investigating the case.