Johnson's father is going to "cross Xinjiang" anti -Chinese politicians to explode

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Johnson's father is going to "cross Xinjiang" anti -Chinese politicians to explode

2022-06-23 12:30:42 6 ℃

British Prime Minister Johnson faces an accident.

His father, Steinley Johnson, publicly stated his statement in the past two days. He wanted to take the "China Journey" of Marco Polo, including crossing Xinjiang.

In addition, he also called the British Parliament, hoping to cancel the ban on the Chinese ambassador to enter the British Parliament.

Although Johnson's father and son "political opinion discomfort" in many political issues including Brexit, and the old Johnson has even entered France, his statements in China have surprised the United Kingdom.

Unsurprisingly, some anti -Chinese politicians and media in the UK immediately attacked the old Johnson.

The old words of the old Johnson have caused such a great wave, which shows how much the current atmosphere of public opinion in the United Kingdom is deviated from the rational track.


This week, British Prime Minister Boris's father, Johnson, publicly shouted the British Parliament, hoping to cancel the ban on the Chinese ambassador to enter the British Parliament.

Old Johnson was a member of the British Conservative Party and a member of the European Parliament. He is so concerned about whether the Chinese ambassador can attend the British Parliament, perhaps because he is planning to come to China to play.

He revealed to the media that he and his son Max, who currently in Hong Kong, and his brother of Boris Johnson and his father. He plans to launch a shooting journey in China in August this year. During the period, Chinese media may participate. The two hoped that the filming team would conduct a six -week field inspection in China at that time, and the route will cross Xinjiang in western China.

In fact, this idea of ​​Old Johnson was not rising for a while.

As early as November last year, he said that he wanted to travel to China in the summer of the next year, and it was the route along the explorer Marco Polo to China -starting from the edge of western China and then visiting Beijing to visit the Great Wall.

The motivation for traveling to China was due to an unfinished wish when he was young: 60 years ago, he pursued Marco Polo with the explorer Tims Saivilin, riding a motorcycle through Europe, Turkey and Iran, but because of time, because of time Not enough, before entering the Chinese border, he had to return to the house.

"I talked about this idea to the Chinese Ambassador. He was a very amiable person, capable, clever," said when talking about this travel plan, "China has provided great help."

In September last year, the British Parliament made a decision to ban Chinese ambassadors from entering the parliamentary building. Old Johnson also did not avoid it. Now he takes the initiative to mention the ambassador, and also shouted that the parliament canceled the Parliament's ban on China at an early date, hoping to improve Sino -British relations.

Old Johnson's "pro -China", the little Johnson government could not stand it. A group of anti -Chinese members of the British politics quickly launched and attacked.

Conservative MP Ian Duncan Smith, Nuslat Gani and Tim Lauron, and Labor Poude David Alton jointly signed a statement, accusing the old Johnson of "selfishness and selfishness. "Family relations" to "promote China's interests," and add say "he is better to maintain a period of silence for a period of time."

Free Democratic Democratic Alztel Camachl also described the interview as "a large -scale publicity to China and shame his son's British government."

But the old Johnson has always been a little bit of attitude to these attacks, and continues to show his love and expectations for China to the outside world. He not only said that "we are happy to cooperate with China", but also claim that "anyone who does not want to improve British -China relations will make me feel My heart is narrow. "


In fact, the confrontation between the old Johnson and some anti -China forces in the United Kingdom began last year.

In April of this year, Old Johnson revealed on his Ins account that he had entertained the Chinese ambassador to the UK in London for lunch. He said that he was "happy" to entertain two guests.

The leader of the Brexit "Brexit Party" and the host of the news program Najer Farach immediately satirized: in this era, it is also a good thing to see the Johnson family in the same bed with China.

In November last year, Old Johnson also posted a photo of his meeting on the Chinese embassy in the Chinese embassy on the social platform.

Farach bombarded again: "Why did the prime minister's father appear in the Chinese Embassy again?"

Last March, Old Johnson publicly stated that after the Brexit, it was crucial to maintain "very close cooperation" with the Chinese government. He called on his son Boris to "stand up" against the eagle faction of seeking the "New Cold War" in China.

Farach also questioned whether the old Johnson had such an attitude because he was able to "obtain economic benefits" from China, and even called him a "dialogue" between the Chinese embassy in the British and No. 10 Tangning Street.

In his own words, the old Johnson's attitude towards China has "the prejudice that the French says is good for China."

The 81 -year -old man told the media that talking to China on the eve of the 26th UN Climate Change Conference was "vital".

He highly commented on China's efforts and achievements that China made in climate change, saying that it should be "applauded" in China.

Such a statement can not help but make people think that his son, now British Prime Minister Johnson, who once claimed to be "Fervently Sinophile", also said many times after coming to power, " Investment opportunities ".

But in fact, since he took office, Britain has followed the United States, Hong Kong, Taiwan Straits, and 5G, which have followed the United States and curb the suppression of China.

The views of the old Johnson and his son on many political issues are not always consistent. Even the differences between the two are often enlarged by the British tabloid, saying that the family staged one after another " Family War. The deepest cracks of them are on the Brexit issue.

The voting of the British "Brexit" that year was not only split Britain, but also the Johnson family.

In the end, Boris Johnson was the one who led the Britain to complete the "Brexit", but in May this year, his father Stanley Johnson chose to "return to Europe" -the French.

As early as the Brexit referendum in 2016, Old Johnson insisted on voting for the core leader of his son Boris as the core leader of the Brexit Movement.

In addition, in terms of epidemic prevention policy, Old Johnson did not give his son face.

In March 2020, Johnson just called on the public to avoid public places such as bars as much as possible, and particularly emphasized that the elderly were high -risk people during the epidemic, and they should comply with epidemic prevention requirements.

However, Stanley's footsteps publicly sang on the interview program: "If I think, of course, I will go to a bar."

In July 2020, Old Johnson flew to Greece on vacation on vacation regardless of the government's epidemic prevention instructions.

According to the requirements of the British government's epidemic prevention guidelines, except "necessary travel", nationals should avoid all international travel.

Old Johnson said that the trip was to organize and ensure that there was no new crown virus in the villa before renting a house, so it was "necessary tourism."

In October 2020, the British government's epidemic prevention regulations should wear masks in public, and the old Johnson did not do it. He did not wear a mask and was directly captured and exposed by the British media. Intersection


A European issue expert told the "Make -up" that the old Johnson's remarks were actually a rare "clear stream" in British politics.

Because he is a retired conservative party and politicians, there is no pressure on votes, so he can make his own voice in attitude towards China.

Old Johnson's strong recognition of Europe originated from his family background and political experience. Old Johnson's mother is the French, so he is fluent in French, and once made it clear: "My mother and grandmother are all French. I was originally the French!"

In 1973, after Britain joined the European Community (predecessor of the European Union), Old Johnson was the first British civil servant who was sent to the British headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.

From 1979 to 1984, he was a direct member of the first European Parliament.

Therefore, he has always firmly supported European integration.

Unfortunately, no matter whether he insists on "non -Brexit" or contact with China, the old Johnson seems to be incompatible with the British politics today.

"Self -University", "Stupid" and "arrogance" is the most commonly evaluated word in the British.

Old Johnson's normal attitude towards China has now been labeled with "abnormal" labels. It is questioned whether he "collects Chinese money". Is he abnormal, or is there a problem with British public opinion?

The answer is obvious.

In fact, not only the United Kingdom, Professor Christian Mest, a professor at the University of Strasbourg, France, was forced to resign from the post of ethical officer of the "European Urban Cooperation Project", because he approved Huawei 5G technology to the city.

The European Parliament Council Claire Dali was also under pressure within the parliament because of his "normal" statement on the issue of China.

Dali believes that it will be in line with the EU's own interests to continue to do business with China. They oppose the "resistance of the Winter Olympics" and do not agree with the Taiwan Strait. Dali believes that if Europe has always obeyed the United States' encouragement and follows the footsteps of the United States, it will only become one in the end. Puppets attached to the United States.

But such a similar warning has a market in the current Western public opinion environment than the so -called "Chinese threat theory".

Since the United States has determined the policy positioning of strategic competition in China, now in almost all the areas of China -related China, from the media to think tanks, it is cooperating with some political elites in the West to create a "threat of China" atmosphere to shape the corresponding people to create the corresponding people Consensus to ensure that this strategy can be recognized and supported by social levels, thereby long -term sustainability.

But to see, objective and truthfulness is the prerequisite for public opinion, media and think tanks to maintain healthy vitality.

If some Western politicians continue to discredit and distort the public opinion in China, the "Chinese threat" cognition will be broken by the facts, and the wrong "Chinese narrative" that has been fabricated will one day be pierced through the piercing through Essence