Russia became the largest source of oil in China, and the United States condemned, but opened the Indian Net

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Russia became the largest source of oil in China, and the United States condemned, but opened the Indian Net

2022-06-23 12:30:52 10 ℃

As we all know, Russia has always been an important oil supply country in China. According to data released by the General Administration of Customs, the total amount of crude oil imported in China in May was about 45.82 million tons, an increase of more than 11.8%year -on -year. Among them, Russia provided 8.42 million tons. Russia has replaced Saudi Arabia as China's largest source of oil.

This was originally a normal trade between the two countries, but it was told by the United States. At the White House press conference on June 21, Karbin, a strategic communication coordinator of the US Security Council, aimed at China, saying that China should condemn Russia with other countries and impose sanctions on Russia. The identity of the responsible power.

At the same time, Cerbin contacted this incident with the Ukrainian war. However, Russia has become the largest source of oil in China for many reasons. First of all, China is the world's largest oil importer and has a variety of imported channels. It is not unusual for Saudi Arabia, Russia, and the UAE to become China's largest supply.

Secondly, despite the influence of the new crown epidemic, China's various industries are still accelerating, and the demand for crude oil has risen sharply. Third, after the outbreak of the Ukrainian war, Western countries have launched various forms of sanctions on Russia, and Russia provides a large extent. To promote exports, crude oil prices are significantly lower than Saudi Arabia.

Starting from commercial interests, it is understandable to choose cheaper suppliers. Fourth, buying oil in China has never mixed with political factors. It is a stable and reliable buyer, which also prompted Russia to strengthen cooperation with China. The United States forcibly imported Russian oil in China and had a relationship with the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, just to create public opinion internationally and pressure China to choose the side.

Petroleum is a strategic material. Any mature country will be very prudent when import and export, and there is no possibility of significant changes due to the conflict of interest in the short term. Of course, except for the European Union, which was wrapped in the United States, they still rejected Russian oil when they lack of oil and gas, which is a "suicide behavior."

The strange thing is that while accusing China, the United States opened to India. According to Reuters on May 30, since the outbreak of the Ukrainian war, India has purchased 34 million barrels of Russian oil at a discount price, of which more than 24 million barrels in May, which was 25 times the average monthly transaction volume in 2021.

When Cerbie commented on the matter, it called it "sovereign decision", saying that each country must make decisions by itself. India also maintained neutrality for Russia and Ukraine's conflict, and did not follow the trend to sanction Russia. Although the Bayeng government condemned India many times, it did not launch any sanctions.

The United States has a very different attitude towards China -India, but this is not unusual, because the United States has regarded China as the biggest competitor, and is concentrating on anti -China, trying to pull India into the anti -China small circle it has formed. Therefore, the United States opens the eyes of India and Russia and close one eye, and is unwilling to stimulate India too much.

Moreover, China, India, and Russia are the three most powerful countries outside the Western world. The United States is crazy, and it is unlikely to provoke three major powers at the same time. In fact, it is not only China and India to find oil for Russia, but also the United States. According to the US Energy Information Administration, in March, the United States purchased 17.825 million barrels of crude oil and refined oil from Russia.

The United States accused China all day, claiming that China is "giving money" to Russia, so what is the United States itself doing? Are you also sending money to Russia? To put it bluntly, the United States accuses China -Russia's oil trade, and it is another "internationally renowned dual standard." In the same thing, China is wrong, and the United States and other countries are right.

We have long been used to such behaviors, and other countries have long been bored. No one in this world can block the mouth of the "long tongue" in the United States. They murmured a few words, which can neither affect Sino -Russian relations, nor can it change China's petroleum import policy. Essence