Biden three bad news!He was rated as the worst president by the British media, and Trump believed or triggered world wars

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Biden three bad news!He was rated as the worst president by the British media, and Trump believed or triggered world wars

2022-06-23 12:30:42 10 ℃

Author: Mingyue

Since the outbreak of the Russian and Ukraine conflict, Biden seems to have been described as the biggest profitable person behind this conflict. Let Biden sit on his president's throne. However, people cannot always be lucky after all. Recently, because of serious problems in a series of affairs in the United States and abroad, Biden has once again become the object of people who have spoken. Three bad news, each news made it a headache.

The first bad news, Trump "discussed" Biden, believes that the way officials such as Biden to deal with Russia and Ukraine may eventually end in the world war.

According to relevant reports, Trump recently stated in an interview that there are great problems in the United States. The treatment of the situation in Russia and Ukraine has made the United States a huge danger. U.S. officials may eventually end with world wars.

When the host asked Trump in blood, whether Biden was still suitable for continuing to lead the United States, Trump said deeply that the situation in the United States is now deteriorating, and the inflation rate is rising. In the United States, the Russian -Ukraine conflict will not happen at all.

Everyone can see that Trump is concerned about the improper behavior of dealing with the Russian -Ukraine conflict this time, but in fact, "the intention of the drunkard is not wine", and it is still the mistakes made by Bynden. Give yourself to get more support for the American people for yourself. However, no matter what Trump's real purpose is, the words he said will undoubtedly cause great pressure and negative impact on Biden. After all, Trump's remarks really talk about the hearts of the American people.

On the one hand, the American people are actually very opposed to the direct conflict between the United States being directly involved in and with another big country, but what Biden's actions are constantly pushing the United States in this direction, and the West has recently been continuously noisy. The sound of the Third World War was becoming more and more tense.

On the other hand, the United States is now a mess. In addition to severe inflation and prices soaring, such as shooting cases, racial discrimination, high -level internal fighting, natural disasters, etc., Biden is not well dealt with. How can this not make the American people angry? This time, Trump actually blew up the horn of Bai Deng, and the situation he faced in the future may be more difficult.

In the second bad news, the British side couldn't stand it anymore, and directly criticized Bayeng's poor performance.

According to relevant reports, recently, British "Telegraph" commentator Neil Gardner said in a bluntly stated that Biden is the most superficial president in the United States. It became a mess in the United States, and even speaking on the podium seemed more and more confused.

Under the leadership of Biden, the United States is now declining with a "free landing", but Biden is unwilling to bear a little responsibility for this, so Biden can be said to be the worst and superficial president in American history.

It is said that "the onlookers are clear". This time, the British side has analyzed Biden. It should be said that this article in the British "Telegraph" represents the general view of western countries in western countries. Obviously, as the United States continues to work in the United States in Russia and Ukraine's conflict, while let European countries sanction Russia and secretly conduct large -scale trade with Russia, more and more people in the West camp are dissatisfied with Biden Biden In the future, the chaos and even division within the Western camp may be unavoidable. This is undoubtedly a headache for the United States and Biden as the "leading sheep" of the Western camp.

Third, bad news, the attitude of great powers such as Germany and France has changed to Ukraine, and Biden may only have to play in person.

The long -lasting Russian -Ukraine conflict and the embarrassment performance of the Ukraine in the battle have obviously consumed the last patience of European powers such as Germany and France. During the recent visit of Kyiv, the German and French desperal directly rejected Zelei Provide new weapons as soon as possible. Obviously, in addition to some verbal support, the West is no longer willing to continue the muddy water in Ukraine. And if it loses a large number of aid in the West, the speed of Ukraine's failure will undoubtedly accelerate greatly.

For Biden, such a situation is undoubtedly a dilemma. Regardless of Ukraine, so many weapons and funds have been put in. Once Ukraine is defeated, these "investment" will be drifted. Essence In order to control Ukraine, only one American country is supporting strong support. This will bring greater pressure and losses to the United States, and it will also cause huge trouble to Biden.

All in all, it is really no exaggeration to describe the situation of Biden's situation now. If it is not to promote the process of Russia and Ukraine's peace talks, to concentrate on handling internal contradictions and problems. I am afraid that a greater crisis will soon fall into Bayon.