President Lithuania: We are a member of NATO and do not believe that Russia will conduct military challenges

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President Lithuania: We are a member of NATO and do not believe that Russia will conduct military challenges

2022-06-23 18:17:20 6 ℃

[Global Network Report] Lithuania has recently banned the transportation of goods to Russia's Filine Galin Galen in Russia, and Russia expressed strong opposition to Russia. According to the United States CNN (CNN), Lithuanian President Naishada announced on the 22nd local time that he would not believe that Russia would challenge Lithuania military because his country was a member of NATO.

According to reports, Natasa made the above remarks on Reuters on the 22nd local time. He claims that Lithuania has prepared to accept a certain form of "revenge" in Russia, "we are ready to deal with some unsuccessful actions in Russia, including cutting off (Lithuania and) Brell systems." CNN said Brell is a grid shared by Russia, Belarus and Baltic countries.

In addition, Natasa claims that he does not believe that Russia will challenge Lithuania in military affairs because his country is a member of NATO. He was prohibited from Lithuania from transferring to the transit of Russian goods to Calline Grand, saying that "we only enforce the sanctions imposed on the EU level, which has nothing to do with bilateral relations between Russia and Lithuania."

CNN said that earlier Wednesday, Russian Presidential Press Secretary Peskov said he was discussing retaliation measures against Lithuania. Peskov did not explain in detail what these measures could involve, and said that Russia responded that there was no exact timetable.

Recently, Lithuania was banned from transporting goods to Russia's Russia -Russian railway to the Russian Russian railway, causing strong opposition to Russia. Russia said on the 21st that Lithuania has expanded the scope of this "embargo". In addition to railway transportation, highway transportation is also prohibited. At present, there is only a way to get goods from other parts of Russia to get goods from other parts of Russia. Russia stated that it would attack the "embargo" to make Lithuanian "feel pain". As a "victim", Governor Antonan, Governor of Kaliningrad, announced on the 22nd that the state will submit retaliation measures to the Russian Federal Government for Lithuania's traffic blockade.

A spokesman for the Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs have said that land transportation between Kalinenrad and other areas of Russia has not been blocked, and all goods that are not sanctioned by the European Union can be freely circulated. The spokesman said that the current affected items include Russian steel, which is part of the EU sanctions that take effect in mid -June; from July 10th, the Russian concrete and alcohol products will be imposed on the Russian coal from August 10; Beginning in December, Russia's oil must not enter the EU territory. Russia's "Communist Youth League True News" published an article entitled "How Russia will deal with Kalinrad: 5 possible blows in Crinnrad".