Yin Xiyue came to power for a month and found that the anti -China route could not work at all.

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Yin Xiyue came to power for a month and found that the anti -China route could not work at all.

2022-06-23 18:17:46 9 ℃

Yin Xiyue, the new President of South Korea, has been in power for more than a month. What is the attitude of the president of the President South Korea? The latest polls released by the South Korean polls a few days ago showed that the difference in the difference in Yin Xiyue's difference in Yin Xiyue rose to 44.2%. At the same time, the polls also showed that Yin Xiyue's political praise rate fell for two consecutive weeks, and the rate of differential evaluation rates was two consecutive consecutive consecutive consecutive way. Weekly rise.

Since Yin Xiyue came to power, he was more active in diplomacy. The first visit to the first Asian trip by President Biden Biden was South Korea. This is the habit of going to Japan first.

However, in terms of South Korea's economy and people's livelihood, at present, Yin Xiyue is not as good as diplomatic aspects. At present, it is quite a bit of face to feel like it is not the same.

And everyone is concerned about what kind of relationship will Yin Xiyue maintain a relationship with China. In fact, we have analyzed it before. Yin Xiyue is a complete "pro -American style". Therefore, in terms of relationships with China, Yin Xiyue's attitude It is far as clear as treating Japan and North Korea, saying that "it will be based on respect for development relations with China."

In fact, we all know that the entire diplomatic foundation of China and South Korea in recent years is still relatively strong, but the relationship between the nationals is not optimistic. This former South Korean President Moon Jae -in recently recommended a copy of China on social media. The book "The Birth of the Overseasism" also mentioned that the "suspect mood" existing in modern Korean society. The data in the book show that the current 70%-80%of the Korean people have "disgusting emotions" and believe that South Korea should adopt a "hostile" attitude towards China.

At the same time, the author of this book, Jin Xijiao, also bluntly said, "There is nothing more harmful to the interests of the Korean national than 'suspected'", so comprehensive perspective, Wen Zaiyin should be gently to Korea in Korea. "Suddenly Emotions" warned.

As for such a high proportion of "suspected Chinese emotions" in Korean society? The author said that this is related to the "exclusion" and domestic policies of the United States.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that according to Singapore's "Lianhe Zaobao" recently reported, Singapore Prime Minister Li Xianlong said in an interview with the "Japan Economic News" that opportunities and markets are in China, and countries cannot do business with China.

This is the case. China is the second largest economy in the world and is the largest trading partner of almost all Asian economies. It is the right choice with Chinese friendly exchanges.

No matter which country has no brain and anti -China, it will be a result of self -eating, even the United States is not an exception. It is because the Trump period is imposed on punitive tariffs on China. Do not retreat, now I am planning to cancel tariffs on China.

It is not difficult to see through these two things that after Yin Xiyue followed the stage, followed the United States, further exacerbating the "hate emotions" of the Korean people, but as Li Xianlong said, today's opportunities and markets are in China, even Biden is considering Whether to bow to China and cancel the revenge tariffs, so for a while, the "anti -China route is not able to do nothing" is also on fire, and the Korean people are also invited to see it. It is still the Korean people.