New address of the US Embassy in Russia: "Donetsk People's Republic Plaza 1"

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New address of the US Embassy in Russia: "Donetsk People's Republic Plaza 1"

2022-06-23 18:17:53 9 ℃

( According to the Russian media "Russia (RT) today" reported on June 22, local time, the Moscow Municipal Government issued a statement on the same day that the open space in front of the US embassy in Russia was named the "Donetsk People's People's "Republic Square", the address name of the US embassy is also changed to "Donedsk People's Republic Plaza 1".

U.S. Embassy in Moscow Source: Russian Satellite Society

Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin issued a statement on the official website of the Moscow Municipal Government on the 22nd, saying that "the U.S. Embassy in Russia has a new official address", and the previous address has been "invalidated" Essence

According to a statement, the open space in front of the US Embassy in Moscow has no name before, and is now named "Donedsk People's Republic Square" (площадь донецкой народной республики). "No. 8, Jevia Jingski Road" was changed to "Donetsk People's Republic Plaza No. 1".

Source of the "Square Plaza of the People's Republic of China" outside the US Embassy: Russian Satellite Society

It is reported that the proposal to the square in front of the Moscow Embassy in Moscow was proposed by Moscow Parliament members on May 18 that they suggested that the officialdom named "Donbas Defenseer Square". After that, the Moscow Municipal Government put several alternatives of the new name of the square on the "active citizen" of the online platform, allowing citizens to vote for decision. 27,8684 people participated in the voting, of which 45%of them voted to support the name scheme of the "Donetsk People's Republic".

When the worker replaced the Square Square in front of the US Embassy, ​​the "Donetsk People's Republic Square", Petr Tolstoy, vice chairman of the Russian Parliament, also came to the scene. He told reporters: "This is a symbolic gesture, commemorating the struggle of the people of Donetzk."

Workers Install "Donetsk People's Republic Square" Source: Russian Satellite Society

It is worth mentioning that it is not the first of the Moscow Government with a political symbolic name, not the Moscow government.

In February 2018, the Washington government of the United States changed the name of a square next to the Russian Embassy in Washington to "Nimzov Square". Several US members of the United States, staff members of the State Council, and government officials attended the renames.

Boris Nemtsov is one of the founders of Russian opposition politicians and the Russian right -wing force alliance. On February 27, 2015, Neumzov was shot shot on the street near the Kremlin of Moscow.

The Washington government claimed at the time that it was "to commemorate the killing of democratic movements", but Russia condemned this as "Dirty Trick". Another Russian official has accused this behavior that "interfered with Russia's internal affairs."

The Moscow Municipal Government said that after the name "Donetsk People's Republic Square", another street or square will be selected to rename in the future to commemorate the "Lugusk People's Republic" struggle.