111-18, how does the Democratic Party stop Trump?Can he and Putin bind?

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111-18, how does the Democratic Party stop Trump?Can he and Putin bind?

2022-06-23 18:17:03 7 ℃

[Text/Observer Network Column Author Xue Kaiyu]

This year's mid -term elections have kicked off. By mid -June, Trump ended with 119 candidates in the primary election within the Republican Party, of which 111 won, showing an overwhelming influence among Republican voters.

Of course, the Democratic Party woke up from the dream he had won earlier to try to clear Trump. The US House of Representatives investigated the special committee of the "Mountain Riot" incident (hereinafter referred to as the "Special Committee") to June 21, and has held the fourth hearings. Previously, members claimed that "there was enough evidence to sue Trump Trump "".

In addition to the starting point of the "Mountain Mountain Riorm", there is also a way to "bind" Trump and Putin together.

The winner of the Presidential Election in 2024 will be again Vladimir Putin. No, not in Russia -but in the United States. To do this, you don't even need to change the laws of the United States -it is enough to elect Donald Trump as the president.

Similar remarks can be said to be a joke, it can be said to be "predicted", or it can be said to be a publicity within the United States.

There is no way

Many Americans are increasingly worried about "Trump's return", which is really because the Democratic government "cannot help the wall."

If Trump's failure is his "grievance" for many years (all American media are not good for him, coupled with the inadequate resistance in 2020), then Biden's current situation obviously does not have "shake the pot" The reason: his support rate has dropped to the freezing point -equivalent to Trump's minimum value at his office.

"I have a country that is leaving from our feet. It is now controlled by a main body that can only be able to operate fast food restaurants." Former Trump employee Crifzeszus described the American people at this moment to pay The attitude of boarding the leadership.

This is a very dangerous signal: even when the inflation has just looked up and the Russian -Ukraine conflict was far from happening, 53%of the American voters surveyed at the end of last year at the end of last year, Joe Biden could not perform his duties. 48%think he is in a state of "lack of spirit" here. In other words, American citizens who think that the president is healthy and energetic, and "can express his own thoughts" is definitely a minority.

But more than a year ago, Biden was the symbol of the United States "chaos anyway" after Trump's steps down: Democratic politicians fully supported Biden to overthrow Trump's "noise" -however, this was completely unable to recover Biden's plunge in support. Rate. The support rate of Vice President Kamara Harris also made the situation worse -she is even lower than Biden's support rate, but plans to become the presidential candidate of the Democratic Party in the next election. The Democratic Party's failure in the Governor of Virginia last November has sounded the alarm: one year later, they will lose their control of Congress, and Trump will regain the White House in 2024. But in the past six months, the Democratic Party's situation is even worse.

Do you agree with Joe Biden's way of dealing with presidential positions? Source: Quinnipiac University Poll

Please note that the American people who criticize Biden cannot all be the so -called "enemies of the people" -the Trumpists. Politico's survey last year did not consider the respondent's election preferences, indicating that most American voters questioned the psychological health of the president, whether they support the Democratic or Republican Party.

It is time for the US President to resign -this is not the author's point of view, but the point of view of the American people, and even the U.S. military's point of view -Afghanistan's withdrawal of troops disaster shows all this, and President Bayeng's support also explains this. a little. At this point, Biden is an absolute record holder of "falling speed".

What should I do? In the case of the "ancestor's law" of the American election, attacking Putin has become one of the few choices of the Democratic Party, because in addition to weakening the reputation of the old opponent of Russia, it also means that it can suppress Trump by the way, provided that the Democratic Party continues to continue Packing him as "Russian Influence Agent". The use of "Tong Russia" to influence Trump's image has always been a method of "good" by Democratic Party -don't be surprised, the Democratic Party has been doing these, who dares to guarantee and Bayeng Has the behind -the -scenes team that has nothing to do?

But the current situation shows that all this is ridiculous, especially with more and more evidence, the Democratic Party forged the "evidence" of Trump's so -called special relationships with Russia. Igordan Qinke, who was arrested in the United States last year, was one of the co -authors of the "Trump Archives" prepared by British intelligence personnel Christopher Steel. Trump's signal, but I am afraid it will not be the last one.

After all, everyone understands that the Democratic Party's headquarters deliberately forged the "evidence" of anti -Trump, and then the "officer" of the US agent department found the supporters of Trump. In other words, this is a conspiracy to Trump -if the traceability investigation is really over, the entire Democratic Party's senior management and the Biden government will be accused of "unreasonable targeting" Trump. If Trump won the 2024 election, he would prove the conspiracy of "persecution of himself" at all costs.

Russia and Trump watched the so -called "relationship" of its team. Source: Swalwell House

So it turns out that the Democratic Party (or more precisely, "Deep State") has no way out at all: they need to stop Trump's new term at all costs, even if Trump himself does not come to the stage, he must stop his "disciples from disciples himself "Come on. Although the Democratic government continues to adhere to Trump's "special relationship with Russia", it is not only ridiculous, but also in the long run, after all, after all, in response, Trump will definitely remind the Democratic Party to "remembers" after "returning". And will let the Democratic Party be responsible for "framed" he -but the Democratic Party has no other choice at all. Obviously, the Democratic Party will not have their own powerful candidates, a politician who can incite the masses and become anti -Trump "professional households". Therefore, the campaign in 2024 must be based on the 2020 model -Demon Trump, and use this "demon" to scare voters (but the Democratic Party chose the wrong direction like last time). And Russia's theme cannot be avoided here -however, this time the Democratic Party will focus on not the relationship between Trump and Russia, but the "fact" that focuses on what is his profit to Russia -rendering "his Victory is actually Putin's victory. "This argument is obviously half effort. Of course, if Trump can be proved to be "like Putin", it is better to discredit the so -called "dictatorship" of the so -called "evil".

Trump is equal to Putin?

The outline of this movement has begun to appear last year. Former Trump adviser Fiona Hill has been interviewed several times -she published a book: "You are doing nothing here". This British woman born in the UK has become one of the leading Russian issues in the United States. She not only talked about her previous work in the White House (2017 to 2019, she served as the director of Russia and European affairs of the National Security Commission), but also talked about she. To the future. According to her, the Democratic Party's failure in Virginia was a shocking sign, indicating that the United States "ready to accept Donald Trump again, which in turn may lead to the democracy of the United States."

"You Are Nothing Here"

The victory of Trump's election has caused democracy to die? We may have heard of this as early as 2016. Although this argument belongs to the old tone and heavy bomb, this prediction is confirmed by the evidence of Trump's own accompanying person, because Hill noticed and analyzed everything: she Seeing Trump and Putin, this means that Trump is dangerous for "democracy":

"He really admires Putin, I have seen it with my own eyes. For him, Putin reflects the ideal leadership in his eyes, which has nothing to do with his attitude towards Russia. He thinks Putin is very powerful and overbearing -Trump This sentence often uses this sentence on Putin's envy. His power is not limited by many checks and balances. Trump sees a very rich and fulfilling life characteristics on him. He thinks he should Manage it as a business as your own business. "

Hill has also said similar words before -for example, Trump and Putin's last meeting in Osaka in the summer of 2019, the former White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham also talked:

"After the meeting began, Trump's consultant Fiona Hill asked me if I noticed Putin's translation. She was a charming existence with charming black hair, long hair, beautiful face and good figure. Said that she suspected that Putin might choose such a woman who deliberately dispersed the president. "

During the 2019 summit, the United States suspected that Putin chose a attractive female translation (first from left) to "disperse" Trump's attention. Source: New York Post

In other words, in the eyes of the author of the US National Intelligence Commission and the biography of "Mr. Putin: Agent of the Kremlin", everything was the "transaction" of Putin and Trump. After all, how delicate she noticeds the similarities between the two presidents:

"Putin is a performer, an artist ... and Trump is doing the same thing: he is always on the stage, entertaining a group of supporters. Trump is playing with his old emotions. He promises to come back to lead the United States to great; Putin also said the same. But he is also annexing territory. Most of Trump's things are similar to Putin's things. "

Hill explained all the meaning of her remarks:

"The difference is that Trump is fighting with the country, but Putin is not. Both are establishing similar populous dictatorship ... The difference between Trump and Putin is that he does not want to rule through the national mechanism. He wants to demolish them, and he wants to demolish them. Demolition of the United States now democracy. "

Perhaps Hill said that Trump wanted to demolish the US national mechanism and was "fighting" with the United States. She desperately wanted to prove that Trump was a bad and dangerous person. But the problem is that many people in the United States are dissatisfied with the country that Fiona Hill says -this dissatisfaction has always existed, and it has only intensified in recent years.

Fiona Hill and Putin. Source: Brookings

It still shows everything. A large number of Americans have always believed that the federal authorities and Washington are parasites, and they are extra, unnecessary upper -level buildings above the states -this conforms to the concept of the Americans's "small government". But in recent decades, this has become a "optimistic" saying: Americans are now more inclined to think that the "Deep State" of the "Washington Swamp" has replaced the Federal Government, Congress and President of the elected elected. Americans believe that this is a disguised surname rule, and President Trump has clearly showed the power of overthrowing it -this is the fundamental origin of the US Democratic government and President Biden's trust crisis. Four years after Trump's ruling, Trump supporters in the United States believed that the "Deep State" successfully prevented the "redemption activity" of the "unpopular" president -in view of his promise to arrest the "Washington DC It is not surprising that the Democratic Party's "Deep State" is not strange to his pursuit. So Hill is right: Trump wants to demolish his "American".

This is really similar to Putin -similar to his actions in the 2000s. At that time, he was in power in the country ruled by the alliance ruled by the "iconic noble" oligopoly, corrupt officials, and the "knowledge elites" of the Western "knowledge elites".

Putin successfully defeated these original parasites -perhaps because Russia's "Deep State" was still young. It has not had time to take root and use its tentacles to wrap everything and everyone. In front of Trump, there is not only an ancient one, but also an omnipotent organic "Deep State" to stop him -therefore, from Trump's fans, Trump, the "sudden", "suddenly". It is not surprising that the president failed to defeat this "evil dragon". But in the eyes of fans, at least he tried and tried again -in 2024, this greatly paniced the US Democratic government and led to the recent hype of Trump's "Tong Russia".

In 2016, the Trump "Tong Russia" incident was fermented for the first time. Source: The Daily Beast

What the author wants to remind the United States is that the crisis of trust in the US Democratic Party government is not groundless, and it does not have any relationship with Trump: Bayon has accumulated a lot of incredible convictions -if Bayenden The words "private crime" can be "shaken" to Trump, which is too ridiculous.

More than a year ago, this "crime certificate" was a laptop of President Biden's son -almost everyone saw a photo surrounded by a group of girls with "casual" girl who was "casual" and read. Hunter's "confession": He admits to accepting the bribes of Ukraine through his father's power.

In 2021, Biden's daughter's diary provided the public with new evidence: no one denied its authenticity -because it was like Hunter's laptop computers. The introduction of this diary has been widely discussed on social networks. It is said that Ashley Biden hinted that her father Joe Bayeng had a little "improper relationship" with her when she was young, especially many of their intimate actions and so on. She obviously doesn't like this.

Biden's younger son Heette Biden. Source: Daily Mail

Where does the US government's crisis of trust come from? Of course, the Democratic government himself: Biden has almost become a "lame duck". He hardly find his own responsibilities positioning, and even the basic responsibilities of fulfilling the president are difficult to have sufficient physical conditions. Afghanistan withdrawn, anti -coronal virus, inflation and shortage of materials in terms of inflation, all of them have a lingering shadow on his ruling career.

The failure of foreign policy is also constantly adding a shadow -whether it is the G20 meeting held in Rome or the climate summit held in Glasgow, it has found nothing; IPEF promotes IPEF in the Asia -Pacific, and even American media have no substantial content; to Russia, Russia; The conflict between the contradictions and the treatment after the conflict did not raise the support rate.

In China, many states have obviously ignored the presidential laws -today, they are resisting and challenging by Florida, Oklahoma, Texas, and many other states. Obviously, the domestic crisis in the United States has reached a deep -seated, high -harmful state, and all of this has nothing to do with Trump and his "Russian Act".

Will Trump take Putin as an example? The Democratic government may think very well. Trump with the so -called "dictator Putin", of course, helps to shape its "demon" image. But the current effect geometry, the Democrats themselves are hard to speak. Even in 2024, for most Americans, this may not become the driving force for "anti -Trump", but it supports another argument that supports voting to Trump: I hope the United States will destroy their "deep strata from destroying them. The country was rescued.

Even Trump himself did not care about these small actions of the Democratic Party. He did not avoid talking about Putin, of course, from another direction: "I know Putin very much, and I have talked to Putin. Very serious, he knew this, he would never do so (sending troops in Ukraine). "

The rule of law is not good, the production is chaotic, and the epidemic is raging. This is the truth of the US Democratic Party government that has been added with many issues.As for when the US Democratic Party's Bayeng government really realized the problem and thus painting, restoring production, and rectifying the epidemic, we can only say: God Bless America.