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Because of Ukraine, the largest party in Italy has split | Beijing Best Museum

2022-06-23 18:17:31 14 ℃

▲ Italian Foreign Minister Dima is the main leader of the rise of the five -star movement. Picture/Xinhua News Agency

According to Germany and other reports, on June 21, local time, Italian Foreign Minister Dima announced that he resigned from the duties of Ukraine's policy and resigned from the duties of the five -star sports party. After retiring the party, Dima will set up another portal to form a new party. Since 2018, the Five -Star Movement has been the largest party of the Italian Parliament and the main supporter of the current Prime Minister of Italy and the non -party. Dima was leading the five -star movement from 2017 to 2020, and was the main leader of the rise of the five -star movement. With the departure of Dimaro and his allies, the five -star sports split overnight and lost the status of the largest party and delegation of the Italian Parliament.

▲ Data Map of the Italian Parliament. Figure/Xinhua News Agency's five -star movement has split into two major camps Dima Yue and the five -star movement. It is mainly on whether it should continue to provide weapons assistance to Ukraine. It has serious differences with the current leader and former Prime Minister Conf in the five -star movement. Essence Dima is resolutely a very good -looking faction. He was worried that if Italy was inconsistent with other major EU countries and G7 on Russia and Ukraine issues, Italy might fall into isolation. This position coincides with the Prime Minister Dracori. While serving as the President of the European Central Bank, Dragi became famous because of its unlimited stimulus policy to alleviate the 2011 European debt crisis. This glory professional experience determines the position of Dragori's issue on Russia and Ukraine, which is to always stand with the EU. In fact, Italy was indeed one of the earliest European countries that announced the help of Ukraine. The current leader of the Five -Star Movement, Conte, recently called for a weapon to transport weapons to Ukraine, and should seek diplomatic means to solve the problem. The two five -star movement and supporters of Dimaro and Conte were divided into two camps. However, there are deeper reasons behind the two people's policies to split the two people.

▲ The current leader of the Five -Star Movement believes that it should seek diplomatic means to resolve the Russian and Ukraine conflict. Figure/Xinhua News Agency's presidential election has caused the five -star movement within the party to fight for the five -star party in Italy, but in recent years, it has been repeatedly frustrated in local elections, which has put a lot of pressure on Conte. The most significant setback is the presidential election at the end of January this year. Conte supported the candidate nominated by the five -star sports and the Minister of Information Security, Elizabeth Beronney, but the campaign failed, and the current President Matarella successfully won the re -election. Dimayo supports Matarella and is deeply dissatisfied with the strategy adopted by Conte in the presidential election. The presidential election did weaken Conte's reputation in the party. Earlier, Conte's intra -party support rate exceeded 50%, and it dropped to 36%after the election. After the resignation of the five -star sports party, Dima served as the chairman of the guidance committee within the party. This committee is composed of three people, and has the right to propose a case of distrust of the party's first. However, there are still many supporters within the five -star movement, so Dimero is in power even if he opposes it. When announcing the resignation of the five -star sports party, Dima Yue also admitted that the reason why he chose to resign is because "it is impossible to make full opinions within the party."

▲ Italian Prime Minister Delagi was supported by the party's parties because of its unintentional identity. Figure/Xinhua News Agency or inciting another "butterfly effect" in Europe reported that after leaving the five -star campaign, Dima will establish another new party "Insieme Per Il Future" (to create the future together). It is reported that 60 five -star sports members have accepted the invitation of Dimaro to participate in the New Party. In 2019, the Italian Parliament made a reform, which reduced the seats of the two courts from 945 to 600. Even if there are 60 members support, the new party of Dimayo is not a big force for the time being, but it is likely to help him keep the position of foreign minister. The division of the five -star movement is a test for the Drageta government. Because of the identity of the party, the government is mainly supported by the party's party. Fortunately, due to the "Draggy Effect" during the European debt crisis in 2011, Drageta made enough character. Most political parties in the Italian parliament were supported by most political parties except the far -right party. Dima John and Draggy are all ally. Even if Dimaru established a new party, it was difficult to grow before the 2023 Italian election. For Conte, how to condense public opinion after the five -star movement is weakened is the most important task at the moment -Conte called for not to continue to provide weapons to Ukraine, which actually has this intent. In mid -June, the "European Foreign Relations Commission" headquartered in Germany made a poll in 10 European countries. The results showed that 35%of the people supported Ukraine to "change to peace with land." The proportion of people in major European countries such as Germany, France, Italy, and other European countries have more than 40%of the proportion of Russian -Ukraine conflicts, of which Italy is the highest and has reached 52%. Due to Russia -Ukraine's military conflict, it has changed significantly in the Italian political situation. This is another "butterfly effect" that stains in Europe outside of high inflation.