There is a butterfly effect of the Russian -Ukraine conflict. The food crisis may cause the wave of refugees. The trouble of the EU began.

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There is a butterfly effect of the Russian -Ukraine conflict. The food crisis may cause the wave of refugees. The trouble of the EU began.

2022-06-23 18:17:36 21 ℃

The Russian conflict has lasted for more than 100 days. The military conflict of this European region has triggered a series of butterfly effects, such as the refugee crisis.

The most intuitive refugees are Ukrainian refugees who escape from Ukraine. The number of these groups is very large, and the data released by the United Nations has exceeded 6 million. But the actual situation is much more severe, which may be far beyond this number.

This wave of refugees will have a significant negative impact on the EU.

In addition to Ukrainian refugees, the European Union has recently started to worry about a new problem. As the grain crisis intensifies, Africa may face "catastrophic famine", which has led a large number of African refugees into Europe. The impact on Europe may be larger than Ukrainian refugees.

据俄罗斯媒体报道,欧盟委员会和欧洲对外行动服务局联合制定的一份报告显示,粮食危机可能会在非洲掀起新的难民潮,欧盟已经开始采取相应的措施,对埃及、黎巴嫩、利比亚、叙利亚、 Tunisia, Morocco and other countries allocated more than 200 million euros to allow them to develop their production as much as possible.

However, considering the number of poor people in these countries, the money allocated by the EU is tantamount to the salary of water.

Refugee issues have troubled the EU for a long time. Each Eurasian and African continental large -scale war or military conflict will lead to a large number of refugees into Europe.

For example, how long wars broke out in the Middle East, from Iraq to Syria to Libya and Afghanistan, waves of refugee tide made the EU miserable, which led to the EU's long -term refugee crisis.

In the Middle East, whether it is Africa or Asia, Europe is the preferred place for most refugees. There are two main reasons. One is that the European countries are relatively rich, and they are very promoted. Opening their mouths and closed their mouths are "freedom", "welfare" and "tolerance". If you are ordered, you will also enter Europe to enjoy the "welfare".

Second, the vast majority of countries have signed the Convention on Refugees in the United Nations. According to the convention, refugees can obtain legal identities in accordance with the law and can live a normal life in receiving a country.

Therefore, even if there are some rich countries in the Middle East, even if the beliefs and habits are the same, it is not the first choice of refugees. If there are no conventions such as Saudi Arabia, the refugees have no legal status when they enter, and they will be identified as illegal refugees.

Of course, Saudi Arabia accepts refugees less than those of European powers. Although refugees have no legal identity, Saudi Arabia does take out real gold and silver to collect them, which is much better than the situation in refugee in Europe.

Although Europe signed a convention, according to the Convention, it was illegal to prevent refugees from entering, but in order to prevent the tide of refugees, Europe did not really comply with the Convention, but tried to stop the refugees from entering.

Even if some refugees can enter Europe, they often get unfair treatment, and it is not easy to obtain a legal identity like the Convention stipulated.

However, this still cannot stop the determination of refugees to enter Europe, which eventually leads to a long time in Europe to respond to a wave of refugees.

In fact, in normal times, the number of refugees is very limited. There will be no large -scale refugees. As long as the life can live, not many people will form a group into the gate of Europe.

In the final analysis, it is still made by European countries. The world cooperates with the United States to destroy and participate in war after another. The country's country is harmed, the United States is far away in the Americas, and it will not be affected by any affected by Europe.

In recent decades, the war in the Middle East has been this script. It is said that eating a long and long one wisdom, Europe has eaten several crickets, and has not been able to grow wisdom.

This time, the situation is even more special. European allies are all ally. Since they are allies, they are righteous to go to a friend's house, and the European Union cannot refuse.

There is no difference between Ukrainian refugees and the refugees in the Middle East, because Ukraine is the poorest country in Europe, and it is impossible to expect refugee consumption to drive the economy. Instead, it costs a lot of money to arrange these people.

The problem of Ukrainian refugees has not yet been resolved, and now Africa may have a wave, and the same situation may also appear in some countries in the Middle East and Afghanistan. Therefore, the troubles that the European Union is now just started. These Ukrainian refugees who can't be driven away alone are enough for the European Union for a while.