Liu Heping: Bynden "hesitant" canceling tariffs on China and Canada. Is there another purpose?

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Liu Heping: Bynden "hesitant" canceling tariffs on China and Canada. Is there another purpose?

2022-06-24 00:10:19 19 ℃

Direct news: President Bayeng, who had long stated that he would cancel some tariffs imposed by Trump during his administration, has been hesitating and daring to make final decisions. What do you think is the reason behind this?

Special commentator Liu Heping: In the previous comments, I have said that the trade friction of China that Trump provoked China, especially tariff friction, is not only irresponsible, but also harmful and disadvantaged. While it caused trouble to the Chinese economy, it also caused the United States to suffer less than China because 93%of these tariffs were borne by American consumers. This is one of the important reasons for the current high inflation in the United States. Essence

At the same time, these frictions raised by Trump not only did not achieve the purpose of reducing China to export to the United States and the return of manufacturing back to the United States, but also did not achieve the purpose of forcing China to give up its own economic system. Everything is always, China's exports to the United States have continued to increase, and the same is true of the US trade deficit.

However, in this case, Bayeng has almost abolished Trump's governance since he took office for more than a year. All unreasonable internal affairs and foreign policies are only retained for this tariff policy for this damage to China.

In this regard, public opinion generally believes that this is because on the issue of tariffs on China, Biden not only faces the opposition from Congress and the Republican Party and the different opinions of the allies, but even there are fierce differences in the White House. It is a firm support for the abolition, and Dai Qi, the representative of trade negotiations, is firmly opposed to abolition. However, I think that these are the excuses that the Biden government deliberately searched, and it does not even rule out that Yellen and Daiqi deliberately performed a red and white face in order to create some kind of "American and White House's internal opposition to huge sounds".

You know, the problem of tariffs is entirely within the scope of the power of the president. Tariffs imposed Trump's intention to China and Canada that year did not go through the discussion of the Congress or even the White House. In addition to the tariffs, Biden can also be a manpower to discuss one by one. Therefore, the real reason why the Bayeng government hesitated in this matter is still to use the cancellation of some tariffs imposed on China as a bargaining chip to restrain and even blackmail China to achieve certain political and economic purposes.

So what is this purpose? According to Dai Qi, it is to allow China to implement the necessary structural reforms and change the "national instruction economy" model to allow China and the United States to achieve the so -called true fair competition. In my opinion, this is just the idea of ​​the Bayeng government three months ago. Now the real idea is to use the cancellation of some tariffs on China as a bait to seduce or catch China to prevent China and Russia from approaching further. This is the old conspiracy. The real purpose of Biden's wanting to achieve is also the top priority of Biden.

Direct news: In your opinion, in the face of Biden's try to use tariffs to prevent China and Russia from further approaching, how should China deal with it?

Special commentator Liu Heping: Biden himself a few days ago, he personally declared to the outside world that he would talk to the highest leader of China to discuss tariffs on China. But yesterday he changed his mouth and said that the time for the two parties to call was still not determined. In response to the issue of the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman, Wang Wenbin said that there is no news that can be provided at present, but it should be emphasized that the heads of state of China and the United States are very important. To create favorable conditions and atmosphere.

The political signal that can be interpreted behind this is that first, Biden did want to treat the tariff problem as a bargaining chip, and to exchange some things from China. The current two parties are playing a fierce game here. Second, Wang Wenbin said, " This incident should be jointly agreed by the two parties through diplomatic channels. The implication is that the two parties should first talk through diplomatic channels, and then the heads of state of the two countries will be announced to the public without having to talk about it. Third Wang Wenbin said that it is necessary to create favorable conditions and atmosphere for the heads of state of the two countries. The subtext behind this is that in this matter, the United States should no longer do a small movement that hurts others.

In my personal opinion, the reason why China puts on such an attitude is because the Sino -US trade friction itself is actively picked up by the United States. An error that is damaged and disadvantaged, the mistakes made by the United States should be corrected by the United States; the second is that in this matter, it should be the Bayeng government that burns her eyebrows, because the current United States is facing rare for more than forty years for more than forty years. The threat of high inflation, the American people complained about this, and severely impacted Bayon's public opinion support rate and the upcoming Democratic Party's midterm election. It is the tariffs that are exempted from all of the exemptions and even all of them. Other factors, such as the epidemic, cause the supply chain interruption and other issues.

In particular, it is worth noting that on July 6th and August 23rd this year, Trump's period of additional tariffs on China and Canada will expire. By then, the Bayeng government will have to face whether to continue or the choice to be canceled or cancel. Essence

From this we can see whether the tariffs on China have been canceled, on the surface, its initiative seems to be in Biden, but this is just an illusion.superior.At least China can put on a transcendent attitude of "love is not reduced, listening to respect".Author 丨 Liu Heping, Shenzhen Satellite TV "Live Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan" special commentator