Putin wants to shake the US dollar hegemony, saying that Zhengzheng has studied the new international reserve currency, and 5 countries including China and India participated

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Putin wants to shake the US dollar hegemony, saying that Zhengzheng has studied the new international reserve currency, and 5 countries including China and India participated

2022-06-24 00:10:00 9 ℃

According to Russian media reports on June 22, the BRICS Business Forum opened in Beijing on the same day. In the opening ceremony, Russian President Putin revealed a heavy news that the BRICS country is formulating an international currency settlement substitution mechanism and studying gold. Brick country's one -basket currency international reserve currency.

Putin pointed out that in order to accelerate the formation of the international settlement alternative mechanism, Russia's financial information transmission system will open up banks in all BRICS countries. At the same time, Russia's MIR payment system will also play a greater role in financial cooperation in the BRICS countries. In his speech, Putin accused Western countries of ignoring the basic principles of the market economy. The macroeconomic policy formulated by the formulation was extremely irresponsible. The abuse of currency and government bonds had a serious impact on the global economy. Although Putin did not mention the US dollar directly, Russia used the financial cooperation of the BRICS countries to create an alternative to the dollar and shaken the purpose of the US dollar hegemony, which was very obvious.

Over the years, many countries have tried to break the US dollar hegemony in various ways, and eventually ended in failure. The US dollar is still the world's common currency. The US government's operation of "wool" in the world's countries in the world is still being staged. However, Putin's intention to break the US dollar hegemony is not possible. In his speech, Putin used data and facts to prove the broad prospects of the BRICS countries in the economic and trade and financial fields.

Putin said that as of the beginning of 2022, the BRICS countries had more than 3 billion people, GDP accounted for about a quarter of the world. The proportion of global trade and investment was 20%and 25%, respectively. 35%, as long as you work hard to coordinate, the BRICS countries have the ability to establish a new production chain. In this process, it is necessary to adopt a new payment system and the currency system to get rid of the dependence on the US dollar.

Putin focuses on the closeness of Russia's connection with the BRICS countries. He pointed out that in the first quarter of 2022, the trade between Russia and other BRICS countries increased by 38%to $ 45 billion. In the context, such data reflect the mutual benefit between Russia and the BRICS countries in the field of finance, trade and investment.

He also talked about the specific examples of economic and trade and financial exchanges between Russia and BRICS countries. For example, Indian companies open chain stores in Russia, Chinese automobile brands have increased supply to Russian markets. Essence After strengthening cooperation with BRICS countries in Russia, the multi -round financial trade sanctions in Western countries did not shake the foundation of Russia's economy, but triggered the energy crisis of Western countries themselves.

In fact, financial cooperation among the BRICS countries has been steadily carried out for 12 years. After the Russian and Ukraine conflict, the Russian side has been sanctioned by Western financial sanctions and is willing to accelerate the process. , Push the boat to reach a consensus. On June 17, before the hosted by the BRICS Industry and Commerce Forum, the National Development Bank of China hosted the BRICS Financial Forum, Russian Foreign Classics Bank, Brazil Development Bank, Indian Import and Export Bank, Southern African Development Bank, and BRICS Development Bank Representatives are sent to participate. When this forum summarizes the past cooperation experience, it focuses on the cooperation results of many fields such as credit granting and responsible financing among members of the BRICS countries.

The BRICS media gives positive evaluations of financial cooperation between BRICS countries. Brazil's "Forum Magazine" pointed out in a bloodstorm that global financial order is increasing. The dependence on the US dollar is becoming more and more important, and the BRICS countries should continue to expand cooperation in the currency and financial sector.

As the rotating chairman of the BRICS country this year, China has obligations and ability to play a key role in promoting the financial cooperation of BRICS countries. In response to the current economic situation, China proposed the economic cooperation ideas of "helping the same boat together to achieve cooperation and win -win cooperation", and warned the country that tried to politically politically, tools, and weapons. If some countries still use international finance The dominant position of the national currency system and sanctioning other countries will eventually be harmful to others and pull the people of the world together.