After the Security Council voted, Japan was successfully elected, and China and Russia will be vigilant this time

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After the Security Council voted, Japan was successfully elected, and China and Russia will be vigilant this time

2022-06-24 00:10:18 5 ℃

The international organizations established by the United Nations after World War II enjoy their reputation in the international community. It played an important role in maintaining world peace and security and promoting the common development of human beings. However, in recent years, in recent years, the United Nations resolutions have even tried to force the United Nations to achieve their political goals in the form of arrears.

With the continuous emergence of these behaviors, the United Nations is no longer an international institution in everyone's eyes, but has become a political weapon in the hands of some countries. Therefore, many countries have proposed the reform of the United Nations Security Council.

Japan was successfully elected as a member of the Security Council

The voting elections of the UN General Assembly, including Japan, have become the new Security Council. It is worth noting that this is the 12th successful election in Japan, showing Japan's determination to join the United Nations. Japan has repeatedly wanted to be a permanent member, but it is currently not available.

In contrast, the threshold of a very important member of the country is relatively friendly, but this does not mean that it is very simple. Candidates need to get two -thirds of the support rate of the United Nations Conference to re -election. In addition, the United States has previously expressed support for Japan to join the permanent member of the country because Japan's joining can strengthen the influence and control of the United States at the conference.

China and Russia should be vigilant

For Japan's appointment as a member of the Security Council, China and Russia have reported their vigilance. Japan has been following the practice of the older brother in the United States and frequently challenged Russia's bottom line in Russia and Ukraine. On the issue of China, Japan also cooperated with the Taiwan authorities to actively participate in Biden's plan to curb China's plan.

Today, Japan's successful election of the Security Council is very appointed, and it is bound to encourage other Western countries to adopt a policy that is unfavorable to China and Russia. You know, China and Russia oppose the draft resolutions of the United States' new sanctions on North Korea in the United Nations, which has caused the resolution to fail.

However, it is still undeniable that the United Nations is still the most authoritative international institution in the world. However, Japan, Germany, India, Turkey, and other countries have repeatedly stated that the United Nations Security Council needs to be reformed. China also supports the reform of the Security Council. However, the reform should enhance the authority and effectiveness of the Security Council, so that more small and medium -sized countries have the opportunity to participate in the Security Council decision -making.

As a developed country and the Second World War, if Japan does not take specific actions, it may be difficult to get support from other countries. If Japan really wants to play a greater role in the international community, first of all, we need to respect history, create a peaceful and mutually beneficial international environment, and win the trust and recognition of neighboring countries.