Chinese and foreign scholars discuss and analyze "the root and influence of the structural racism in the United States"

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Chinese and foreign scholars discuss and analyze "the root and influence of the structural racism in the United States"

2022-06-24 06:05:43 9 ℃

Xinhua News Agency, Changsha, June 23 (Reporter Xie Ying) The 50th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council China Association "the root and influence of the US Western structural racism" was held in Changsha on the 22nd. The meeting was hosted by the China Human Rights Research Association, hosted by the Central South University Human Rights Research Center and the School of Law of Central South University. Nearly 30 experts and scholars from the United States, Germany, South Africa, Turkey, Argentina, Ireland, Mexico, Yemen and other countries attended the meeting through online and offline ways to discuss the theme of structural racism in the United States and Western countries. Looking at the root cause of structural racism and the severe challenges brought by different cultural perspectives, and exploring the feasible path of eliminating various forms of racism.

Mao Junxiang, executive director of the Human Rights Research Center of Central South University, believes that social elites such as politicians, political parties, media, and research institutions in the United States have controlled the production and spread of public discourse, and have a dominant role in the generation of racist culture. At present, the construction of cultural racist discourse based on cultural differences in the United States and Western society has strengthened racism in the ideological field and provided the conceptual foundation for racism infiltration of the entire social cultural structure. This strengthens the structural racism in the United States and Western in various aspects such as politics, economy, society, culture, and law.

Wang Yuting, an associate researcher at the Chinese Frontier Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and an associate professor at the School of History of the University of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, believes that racism is a comprehensive, systematic and continuous existence in the United States. The United States' debt and inferiority on racial issues reflect the deep -rooted institutional and structural defects of American society. It deeply reveals the hypocrisy of "American human rights", and also pits the hypocrisy of the so -called "human rights guards".

Madep, a professor at the School of Political and Administrative, Tianjin Normal University, believes that the emergence of racism in modern times is closely related to the rise of capitalism, and its main ideological and cultural root is individualism. Economic individualism, religious individualism, and political individualism have inspired slave trade and colonial plunder, racist atrocities, racial exclusion and racial cleaning, respectively.

Professor Wang Wei, an associate professor of the School of Ethnicology and Sociology of the Central University for Nationalities, explained the evolution of the racist structure of American society and pointed out that the United States has formed a pyramid racist structure and the "center -edge" racist structure on the basis of racism. Wang Wei believes that racism is a lingering shadow in American history. The formation and transformation of each racist structure with strong racial compression and racial resistance, which is the root cause of the repeated emergence of American racial movement.

Honorary Dean of the School of Social Work of Louisiana State State University, Brigi Mohan, and Associate Professor of the Department of Social Work of the University of Florida, the Florida Bay Coast University. source. A failed society is a functional disorders composed of a defective system that breeds extreme ideology of racism, discrimination, massacre and terrorism. The harmful structure and root of obstructing freedom and justice, racial compression should be eradicated, so that public policies can be rational and modernized.

Muhammad Oakyuz, a professor of political science at the University of Technology of Turkey, believes that since the beginning of the 1980s, new racism and new right -wing movements in Europe have used the "scientific" of racism to create cultural differences. The theory of scientific racism has paved the way for modern racism in a special form, which is likely to form a pure and direct racial compression mechanism, which is worthy of our high vigilance.

Guo Min, a research assistant of the Human Rights Research Center of Central South University, believes that in the United States with racial contradictions, algorithm racism is reflected in all aspects, and the root cause is the unfair social environment. The algorithm not only does not help solve the American racism, but also makes it more hidden in the decision -making process to exacerbate racial prejudice, leading to more serious social problems.

Professor Pitter Hermann Center of Human Rights Research at the Central South University believes that to recognize the systemic and structural nature of racism, racism is the result of social construction, and also pay attention to the difficult situation of individuals in structural racial discrimination. The Chairman of the Irish Development Research Association Nitami Micilla believes that reflecting on the various problems brought by the current racism, we need to strengthen the combination of unity and jointly oppose new racism.