The rebellion really happened?Thousands of people rushed to the streets, and the "American Civil War" sounded overnight

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The rebellion really happened?Thousands of people rushed to the streets, and the "American Civil War" sounded overnight

2022-06-24 12:47:52 11 ℃

"Gun violence" is the long -standing illness in American society, and shooting cases are even more common. Since June this year, shootings have occurred almost every week. U.S. people live under the shadow of "gun violence" all day, and they are not allowed to be peaceful.

Tens of thousands of Americans rush to the streets and participate in gun management and control rally

In order to call on the U.S. government to control guns, Washington National Plaza recently held a rally supporting gun control, at least 50,000 American people participated in the rally. However, an accident occurred during the rally. A man lied that he had a gun in his hand and threw an object at the rally crowd, scaring the people to escape.

The good gun -controlling assembly instantly became a "stampered scene". In fact, the man had no weapons at all. After the man was taken away by the police, the gun -controlling assembly could be carried out normally. It is not difficult to see from this matter that the American people have been frightened by the "fireworks", which is just a change of color.

As of the fifteenth local time, a total of 19,841 people in the United States died of "gun violence" this year, including 752 minors. In addition, 16799 people in the United States were injured because of "gun violence".

"Guns violence" rash in the United States, and the United States Cable Television News Network made a judgment that the number of large -scale shootings in the United States this year is likely to exceed last year, or it will become the "worst year" in history.

The phenomenon of "internal" appears in the United States

Although the "fire violence" in the United States is very serious, the various parties in the United States have never reached an agreement on this matter, and the phenomenon of "internal" in the United States is quite serious. Take the Republican Party of Cassas, the Republican Party in the region is simply a typical representative of extremely right -wing conservativeism.

Recently, the Republican Party of Texas, the United States, held a state -level congress. Republican participants in the state passed many crazy resolutions, such as resisting the US government's billing bills, refusing to acknowledge that Biden was a legal president in the United States and called for whether to restart whether Texas escaped from separation from Texas. American referendum, etc.

Everyone can see that the conservatives and liberals of the United States are full of opposition. Although many former US President Trump has accepted the facts of Trump's defeat, the Texas Republican Party does not think much. Texas, as one of the Republican camps, still stubbornly believes that Bayeng has some "fraud" behaviors in the 2020 election.

Conservatives in the United States advocate relaxation of gun management, maintaining the freedom of private guns, and to contain "gun violence" by strengthening the self -defense ability of personal guns. The idea of ​​liberals in the United States is completely different from conservatives. They call for gun control and formulate effective gun control bills to curb "gun violence". There are significant differences in the views of the two factions on "gun violence", which has made the "gun violence" problem of "gun violence" not resolved.

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