German students at: Chinese girls were refugees rape, we all scared

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German students at: Chinese girls were refugees rape, we all scared

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Original title: German students at: Chinese girls were refugees rape, we all scared

International online news (reporter He Yuyang): a Chinese female student in Germany was raped by refugees, recently sparked public interest. According to Deutsche Welle reported on November 22nd, the German city of Bochum police department has confirmed that the city on Wednesday (16 days) of sexual assault case, the victim is China female students. The girls in the daytime on the way back to the dorm was raped, and exposes the perpetrators as a refugee from the middle east. This is reminiscent of last year shocked Germany Cologne mass rapes. Coincidentally, Bochum and Cologne belong to North Rhine westphalia. Does this incident have a psychological shadow on the Chinese students in Germany? Reporter conducted a survey.

Female students admit: the day was the Middle East refugee sexual assault

In November 18th, Sina micro-blog account "this is Germany" issued a document called a Chinese German girl was raped and refugees was stealing money, causing concern. The victim said the first time the police and reported the embassy, also made a forensic identification. This is Germany, at the same time published a letter to the victims of girls.

The girl said, he is a university undergraduate, 16, about 4:45 in the afternoon after school, in less than 200 meters from the dormitory 5 minutes away from the sidewalk, "was a refugee drag bushes raped and robbed money, she tried to scream but the perpetrator is at the neck. The girls insist the perpetrators are refugees reason is: "this person did not understand English and German, not the students, the middle east face, beard."

The girl also said in a statement, our school nearby, nearly a year to build two large camps and put into use, is the kind of rows of white greenhouses. A car after, saw the man in the street around the street." She also said, "life is important, I yesterday's cool almost to the level of the textbook, or I was the next Freiburg girls."

On the same day, November 18th is the Chinese Embassy in Germany also announced that on the 16 day, the Consulate General of China in Dusseldorf received a report China female student, said in its return to the hostel on the way to the police and suffered sexual abuse.

According to Deutsche Welle reported, the German city of Bochum police station on Monday (21 days) to confirm the voice of Germany, the city on Wednesday (16 days) of sexual assault case, the victim is China female students. According to the description of the girl, the suspect is "30 to 35 years old, 1 meter 70 tall, black hair, big beard, appearance characteristics like Arabia or Afghan descent."

German police in accordance with the parties described the suspect image of the painting

The police also revealed that the announcement before the incident, there is one person to suffer the girl ask for directions, then from the suspect passed. Bochum city police appeal, the insider should contact the police station as soon as possible, provide clues, and announced the Bochum police Tel: 0234-909-4441.

Rape after Chinese girls rushed to buy the self-defense tool

The same study in Bochum Chinese female student Liu Enxi (a pseudonym) told reporters that the rape of Bochum caused a lot of discussions in groups of students, "began to feel frightened many girls around me, a lot of people to buy some anti wolf spray, alarm like small self-defense tool in a few days."

Liu Enxi said, before the German public security understanding are learned from the media, and not very strong feelings. But I really feel the panic in my heart when I hear about this unfortunate incident.

They were not aware of the refugee camps around, nor did they see any refugees. But after the accident, we send each other to send a map of the German refugee camp.

Through Google can check the distribution of the German refugee camp

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The influx of refugees affects all aspects of Germany

Has been living in Germany for more than and 10 years, Aoki told reporters that he has been to Bochum, but the impression of the city is not very good. "I have been to the German city of Germany have the characteristics of the building, there is a fairy tale color, but the construction of Bochum is relatively old, and I feel that most of the city of North Wei state is not particularly friendly to foreigners."

Aoki said, Bochum and other Ruhr city security is relatively poor. Where there is the Middle East community, the population is relatively small, in general, next to the refugee camp or immigration more places, the security will be relatively poor.

"I think the impact on the wave of refugees in Germany is far-reaching, in addition to security issues, is expected after tax and insurance costs will be increasing, because the government finances, many infrastructure projects will push after the impact on students is a big part of the education, projects may be on non EU student charges." Aoki, in order on the wave of refugees caused a lot of friends dare not go out at night, especially girls.

The streets of Berlin (Shi Yue for map)

According to Aoki he lives near Berlin, there are a number of difficult private. He had seen the refugees in the street, and he could see them from his clothes. But now there are a lot of refugees from Syria wearing a relatively stylish, but also with a smart phone, and sometimes difficult to identify.

At the beginning of October this year to study in Berlin Shi Yue told reporters that she usually go out occasionally see looks like from the Middle East countries, but is unable to determine if they were refugees.

Shi Yue said, because I heard about large-scale shopping malls in Munich, Cologne rapes shooting incidents in Germany before, so Germany is well prepared, but living in Berlin for more than a month, feeling much better than I expected, and there is no domestic public opinion transmission so terrible. We live in the dormitory area are basically students, but also quite safe. On the bus, the subway did not happen to make me feel dangerous people or things, I feel that the quality of the German general is very high, the order is very good."

Shi Yue believes Berlin's security is no legend so bad (Shi Yue for map)

But now came Chinese female students during the day were rape cases, Shi Yue said "we are very scared and nervous, feel the accident will occur whenever and wherever possible."

Stone said, even so, her classmates are not much discussion about this, just to remind each other to pay attention to safety, go together, not too late to go home, try not to repeat the tragedy. I usually go out very carefully, as far as possible with my classmates about a good fellow, do not go to a remote place to play, before it is dark to go home. Recently in want to want to want to buy an anti wolf spray."

News background: a spate of rape murder case in Germany

According to the voice of Germany reported that during the period 1994 to 2002, Bochum and its surrounding campus series of rape occurred, during which a total of 21 people suffered attacks. And this year, occurred in Germany is also one after another case of rape.

The victim of this case has been mentioned in the statement, I am calm almost to the level of the textbook, or I was the next Freiburg girls." The reason is not long ago in, Germany, Baden - Fort in the state of Freiburg has been the case of rape and murder.

The distribution of several recent cases of rape in the German states

November 6, 2016, go jogging 27 year old woman Caroline missing. Police after days of searching, in 11, found her body in a tree, the body was found in the location of 30 km from Freiburg. After forensic test, the woman died had been subjected to sexual assault, and due to malicious personal injury and death.

In October 14, 2016, riding in Freiburg a 19 year old female student Maria was dragged out of the car and dragged away, was raped and killed.

May 11, 2016 evening 20:30, Chinese female students Li Yangjie go running, and then lost contact. 13, police found his body in a bush less than 100 meters from Li Yangjie's residence. According to the police released the autopsy report shows: Li Yangjie was raped during his lifetime, the cause of death is a violent attack on the head. Killing her suspects is a pair of 20 year old German couple.

May of this year, Chinese female students killed in running Li Yangjie

Li Yangjie was in Germany Isaacson - Dessau city at Ann of Anhalt University of Applied Technology school. Although the time of the incident was at 8:30 in the evening, but the time was also very bright in germany. This has triggered unrest in Germany students. September 21st, prosecutors in Dessau, the prosecution of intentional murder and personal injury of the formal prosecution of the two suspects. The case will be held in November 25th this year.

December 31, 2015 New Year's Eve, with the NRW Cologne train station massive assault case, shocked germany. That night, there are about 1000 drunken young men allocated to move closer to the women around, they threatened them and looting of property, that night at least one woman is raped. These men "look from the face of Arabia or North Africa".