Global height ranking Australian &quot &quot be promoted step by step;

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Global height ranking Australian " " be promoted step by step;

2016-08-02 00:18:40 245 ℃

Beijing, August 1, according to the Australian network 1 reported, thanks to the health care and nutrition and health improvement, in the past century, Australia's height is becoming more and more high.

According to reports, a recent report of the world's population of more than and 200 countries to make a report, the report recorded in 2014 to 1914 during the people's height. The report shows that in the top 25 countries in the top countries, Australia is the only non European countries, ranked eighteenth. And the Australian women's height from the original twenty-ninth to fifteenth.

According to reports, the report was published in the scientific journal "eLife". Report shows that Dutch men by an average of 182.5 cm in height, ranked first in the global height of ranking male list, and women list in the first place is the Latvian women and to average height of 169.8 cm row at the top of the table.

This study found that there is a close relation between the height of a person and health, although height is most is determined by genetic, but an investigator said: "malnutrition in children and adolescents or suffering from serious illness, in adult high relatively healthy people shorter."

Survey, height growth was undoubtedly the fastest male Iranian males, during which average height increased 16.5 cm, and height growth was the fastest women is Korean women, average height growth of 20.1 cm, to 162.3 cm, from the original Article 196 rose to number 55.

But there are also some of the country's average height of almost no growth, Madagascar and the Philippines women in 100 years the average height growth of less than 1 cm, for example male height of Laos, Nepal and East Timor and other countries is still ranked in the final. Although almost all of the country's people are in the high, but some of the sub Saharan and Middle East countries in the past 30 years, the height of the rise or fall.

Investigation launched Zheyizhati (Majid Ezzati) said: "this study we revealed in the past a century in which every country health status, in the global height are rising at the same time and some of the country's height is shrinking. This indicates that there is an urgent need to address the nutritional and health problems of children and adolescents in the world, and to ensure that the best environment for their children can be given."

It is worth mentioning that the United States and other high-income countries, the height of the population over the past 40 years has maintained a stable state. Ezzati said: "the study also shows that the English speaking countries, especially the United States, are gradually falling behind high income countries such as Europe and the Asia Pacific region."

The survey also showed that people with high stature generally live longer, and are less likely to suffer from heart disease and stroke, and less likely to have a higher risk of complications in women and children. In addition, the taller people can earn more money, and more successful in school. But the tall man had a higher probability of cancer. Overall, in each country, the average height of men is higher than that of women.