Tokyo governor &quot &quot why always; exit; explain the Japanese media?

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Tokyo governor " " why always; exit; explain the Japanese media?

2016-08-02 00:19:04 249 ℃

[global network reporter Wang Huan Japan's capital Tokyo, July 31, the new governor election, Yuriko Koike becomes first woman governor in the Tokyo. Tokyo are former governor Yoichi Masuzoe June 21 due to a money scandal resigned, thus a series of 3 either Tokyo governor in halfway exit. The governor of Tokyo master rights are considered after Japan's prime minister. But if we look back at history, may be able to pay attention to the governor the reason can not start well and end well behind the "an inconvenient truth". What will Koike Yuriko do?

Tokyo became the governor of the conditions

"Why not climb on the front page?" said the "Japanese economic news" reported on August 1, and became governor of Tokyo, just 3 months, Masuzoe has always been around who revealed this discontent. The reason is that at a regular press conference to provide the media with the topic and open to the outside of the investigation and other content, but the media did not give strong coverage.

Never thought, Masuzoe himself in the teeth of the storm exposed a series of problems because suddenly pushed the media. Masuzoe in more than 2 months before resigning, may be the most difficult is I. If Japan is other county governor, even being exposed to the same problem may also be forced to step down as.

Masuzoe as "Tokyo governor" at the same time in Japan is a big celebrity "". However, the two elements are added together, no doubt, the criticism from the public opinion.

As the capital of Japan, Tokyo's economic strength even more than Holland. Tokyo's public officials, including police and school officials, including up to 168 thousand people, Tokyo's annual budget (including special accounting, etc.) up to 13 trillion yen, can match the national budget of sweden. Because of this, the Tokyo governor in the 47 governor is particularly special.

On the other hand, the Japanese are about 70% other Prefecture governor from the central ministries and local autonomy. In Tokyo so far the 44 term governor, especially in the last 20 years, are non bureaucratic origin.

The establishment of this trend is in 1995 all parties to participate in the bureaucratic election victory in the writer, the Senate Qingdao lucky man. After that, the governor of Tokyo to challenge people "have high visibility" has become the essential condition. Therefore, for all parties in the election of candidates, how to pick out the candidate to win the opportunity to become a major event.

Support Tokyo governor "Tokyo government" is a unique organization. In other prefectures in Japan, hired central ministries officials is taken for granted, but in Tokyo, foreign officials hired in principle only ministerial under. Around 30 people, and is generally 3~4 name of the deputy governor was almost always in Tokyo government "native" monopoly.

In Japan's central government agencies to enter a duty reserve cadres and the general staff and Tokyo are not the same, after the two stage selection examination, can stand at the starting point of the competition management positions. Due to take has nothing to do with education strength supremacy, and even people who graduated from high school in Tokyo, the final promotion deputy governor for example.

Privilege leads to pride

"Unless the person is above the minister or Tokyo governor will not personally went to consultations, in the Tokyo government that prior to the existence of such unwritten rules. This is in charge of the Japanese capital's Tokyo governor have the privilege".

Maximize the use of Tokyo governor Shintaro Ishihara is the "throne". He had to clap breast said, "because countries do not do, so only from Tokyo are to do", and in order to adhere to its value as a politician. In contrast, Aoshima Yukio was buried in a huge organization and feel the pain. Due to the lack of autonomy of only 4 years, as the 1 governor hurried away.

Tokyo governor "privilege" can sometimes lead to pride and arrogance. In the Shintaro Ishihara era, the high cost of overseas travel and travel to the first class to become a problem. In Tokyo, the cultural undertakings, Ishihara reinstate the relatives, had therefore to be a barrage of criticism for the Tokyo Metropolitan Government's privatization.

Served as governor of Tokyo there is a common point, that is in great expectations on stage, but in the end it ushered in a bad ending. Except for the resignation of "money scandal" INOSE and Masuzoe outside, a lot of any governor also because the problem ridden and the end of the term.

Be involved in Donglong Taro interests and corruption in the event of the first term governor of Tokyo Yasui Seiichiro, the Tokyo Olympic Games after the adverse effects become more evident, claiming to be "bleak ending" the Minobe Akiyoshi, due to the coastal area development and urban Expo was critical Suzuki Junichi...... It can be said that almost no Tokyo governor is an exit of the people in Tokyo to retain the sound of.

Yuriko Koike is as "World War II" after the 9 let Tokyo governor, will also face the challenge of the "an inconvenient truth".