Panama to investigate the truth of the U.S. invasion of the U.S. has not been an official report

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Panama to investigate the truth of the U.S. invasion of the U.S. has not been an official report

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The U.S. military invasion of Panama caused heavy casualties and property losses, but so far there is no exact statistics. The Palestinian death toll estimates there are several versions, from 200 to thousands of people ranging from. According to local media reports, the current only a more complete report from a human rights group of the United states. The report estimates that there are at least 150 soldiers and 302 civilian deaths in Panama, more than 3000 people were injured.

Vice president and foreign minister of Panama Isabel Desanmalo in his speech to the media, admitted that the U.S. military invasion in 1989, is still not an official report. She said: "there is no truth, how to reconcile."

Why Panama has never been the case for many years to investigate the truth of the incident, the Ministry of foreign affairs of the Ministry of foreign affairs of the legal affairs and the deputy director of the Treaty of Tia Montenegro told reporters, which has historical reasons. American named "operation just cause" military invasion put an end to the history of Panama military strongman ruling and later recognized the new government. In addition, the United States still after the invasion to the Pakistani government provided $500 million in aid, mostly used to pay the national debt. Since then, the successive governments of the Palestinian government and the increasingly close relationship between the government, from the political level to dilute the bloody tragedy.

December 2015 President Obama decided to launch an investigation

For "the victims families and friends association chairman Trinidad Ayora, 1989 U.S. invasion, let she lost her husband. Originally a beautiful family broken, but also to her daughter's young heart caused serious damage. "We just want to know, how many women have lost their husbands, how many families have lost their loved ones," she said.

"The invasion of the US military has caused an incurable wound. It can be said that the whole of Panama is a victim. And our families who have lost loved ones, the deepest wounds, still unable to calm down." Oyola said.

Ayora told reporters that since 26 years of establishment of the association of the families of the victims, has been seeking government survey of the intrusion event, give an account of the victims and the disabled.

After many years of running calls for investigation of the appeal has finally had the results in 2015. Panama President Barrera last December 20th announced the investigation of the U.S. military invasion.

Early in December this year released the first investigation report

Truth commission by 5 bits with experience in a wide range of human rights issues scholars composition, to Panama Santa Maria La Antigua university president Juan Planel headed. In addition, the committee also received the support of the United nations. Pla Neil said: we want to investigate the truth of the death, the number of casualties, where the body, which is for the whole society to bear the pain, toward the construction of a new national unity forward."

Pla Neil said that the Commission will violate human rights and crime in the U.S. invasion of the process to do a survey, and to make recommendations to the domestic settlement of Panama, to prevent the recurrence of similar cases. The investigation committee will also request the United States file decryption, preliminary scheduled for December 20th this year, the first release of the survey report.

Families of the victims of the disaster, whether on the basis of the survey put in a claim for compensation. The Pakistani government can accordingly to the United States to put in a claim for compensation? Montenegro said to reporters, the current government has yet to consider the matter.

Montenegro, said the families of the victims of the biggest complain is not to their victims to make historical location and recognition. Therefore, one of the tasks of the Commission is to make a claim on the dead, and building a National Memorial Chorten may be an option.

In addition, Montenegro believes that the U.S. military invasion of the truth investigation has an important purpose, is to give an account of history. The committee will fill in the gaps in the history of the school with the findings of the survey and the teaching of the US Army's invasion of the country.

Text / Su Jin (Xinhua feature)


26 years ago, thirty thousand U.S. military invasion to overthrow the Pakistani military government

In December 20, 1989, the United States sent nearly 30 thousand soldiers and 300 fighter planes to the sovereignty of Panama to carry out a military strike, quickly occupied the Panama and the overthrow of the military government of the country. The military government leader Noriega was arrested and escorted to the United States Court verdict. Many of Panama's military and civilian casualties in the invasion, a large number of houses and buildings were destroyed in the war.

26 years later, the passage of time has not yet healed the military invasion of Panama people to bring the trauma. In Panama people over the years has never stopped the voice, the Panamanian government on July 20, established an independent commission of inquiry, to investigate the truth when the U.S. military invasion caused by were among the dead and wounded, to give an account of the Panamanian.