Russian spy hidden secret activities in Europe 20 years: after exposure to the body and back

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Russian spy hidden secret activities in Europe 20 years: after exposure to the body and back

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The United States "political news" website on June 16 published entitled "a Moscow spy by fake resume in European secret 20 years" of article, the author Pierre Brimson, excerpts of are as follows:

One night in June 2010, Henry Frith let his son living with a partner to drive him to Madrid airport the next morning.

Freeth didn't say where he was going. Freeth often travel, Alejandro Bardysart Sanchez many times to drive him to Madrid Barajas International Airport, Freeth rarely said he flew to where.

The next day, the national information center of Spanish security agents came to Balder Sutter home, he was questioned. The conversation is very calm, very polite, but Sutter balder instantly understand one thing: Freeth will come back. He didn't come back any more.

Busy Spanish Consultants

Freeth, more than and 50 years old, tall, with a thick beard, the last 20 years, on the surface, he lived a life of ordinary people in madrid. He runs a consulting firm, the Free Moore company, which claims to be a "high value, reliable consulting and business services company specializing in" social and economic research ". Freeth often travel, mainly to Europe, sometimes in chile.

He has some friends who like to drink. Freeth speaks Spanish with a slight accent, he says it is due to his mixed family background, he was born in Ecuador, his mother is from Ecuador, his father is a new zealand.

That's what he said.

According to Western intelligence sources said, a busy, often flying Spain consultants and industrious life is only a pretext.

They say, Frith's real name is Sergei Yuryevich Cherepanov, 1955 was born in Russia, he claimed was born in 1957 in Ecuador. In Moscow, Che Leo Panov has his wife Olga Costinova Cherepanova, two people have a son, called Andre. In the days of Che Leo Panov in Spain, he has been an officer of the Russian foreign intelligence service.

These sources said, Henry Frith is a pseudonym of a Russian spy. The "spy" carefully coined false identities, false false resume and background information under the cover of life for many years. He was the first Russian spy to be exposed in Europe since the end of the cold war ".

They say there are other spies like him in Europe.

This report is based on European intelligence sources (including those directly involved in the investigation of the case) of the interview and the political news "magazine reporter access to documents and photos, and interviews to know Frith in Madrid (i.e. cherepanov) some people write into the.

According to the intelligence agencies of a major European countries before the responsible person said, with the relationship between Russia and the West under the leadership of President Vladimir Putin, a former KGB agent) from cautious cooperation to hostile provocation, the scope of activities of the Russian intelligence as well as in the number of European activities spy "about expanding the times". He also said that in such a thing, it is difficult to accurately estimate of course". The 2010 in service intelligence department official said that he had not heard of "Freeth cherepanov" case.

On Russian security affairs experts Mark Galeotti recently for the European Council on foreign relations, wrote a report about Putin's Hydra, he in the report wrote: "because there is still a large number of budget and the Kremlin exist a see the tricks and secret secret agenda, even non-existent) culture, Russia is eagerly engaged in large-scale intelligence gathering activities."

After a group of 10 Russian spies in the United States exposure for 6 years and a desire to drive European security institutions to make public Frith / cherepanov case decision. This desire is to attract the attention of a "sharp increase" in the Moscow Kremlin in Europe, as an official says. The Western intelligence service is also concerned that more than one unknown "spy" is working in government or international organizations.

Brussels is the headquarters of the European Union and NATO headquarters, in recent years, with the "spy" of the bad reputation. Anti intelligence agencies to find and track the spy is becoming increasingly difficult. The sources said that counter espionage agency master their activities may make some people as a double agent or surrendered.

Strange boyfriend and partner

Alejandro Bardysart Sanchez is a computer engineer in Madrid. He never wants to talk more. When a few weeks ago for the first time with email and talking to him about Freeth disappearance. He answered said "helpless", "nothing to say". On a recent morning, the reporter to track his office, he reluctantly agreed to go downstairs to the outside (in Madrid he work of the technology company of the security booth near) simply talk about.

Barr DeSutter stocky, about 40 years old, is obviously an emotional, he said Frith's disappear, make him very painful. His mother, Carmen, had been diagnosed with cancer for several years, and died a few months after Freeth died. That day in June Freeth gone, he should take her to the doctor often make an appointment. Even after the Spanish security agencies to talk with him, balder Sartre said, after Frith was not present at the Carmen's funeral, he didn't accept the frith will not come back to the reality.

Barr DeSutter said he spent a lot of time online searching for his mother's partner, "Henry Frith". But waste time and energy. He asked me: "do you know what happened to him?" I told him, "Frith" is said to be a Russian spies named cherepanov, he after listening to did not feel surprised. He said that over the past 6 years, he said, he called the "Henry" of the man, he had thought of many kinds of possible. Barr DeSutter said that no matter what he did, he would remember that during his mother's illness, the person was always with her, so he wouldn't say a bad word about the man.

Sutter also said, looking back, he realized that Freeth in addition to Free Moore's work in the company may have a job - but he did not have more doubts.

A few months ago, Freeth's friend and business partner, Carlos Moreno Rodriguez, heard that Freeth was gone. In a Starbucks cafe in Madrid, he recognized the man in the picture he was looking for. He exclaimed: "yes, this is Henry! Is a little fatter."

Like Moreno, Barr DeSutter said he had been thinking about what might have happened to Freeth in the last few years. During the conversation, he mentioned that his wife was too curious about the matter, and advised him not to come and meet me. He said that curiosity drove him to agree to meet.

Moreno said that in the middle of last century, in the middle of 90s, he met Freeth through a common friend. At that time, Freeth's work permit has expired. At that time, Moreno has a small business consulting firm, to provide advice on how to get state subsidies for the training program. He agreed to help establish a legal entity, which would allow Freeth to work in Spain. Free Moore consulting (company name is the name of the two names of the first syllable after the merger) was born. Moreno said, from then on, for granted Freeth became the company's business person in charge.

The company's Web site said, our company's basic structure is simple, but with the necessary background, so that we can deal with a variety of programs."

Moreno said that he rarely involved in the work of Free Moore company. Although he is a partner in the name of Free Moore, but he seems to be difficult to describe the company's business Free Moore. He said: "(Freeth) frequent trips to foreign countries, I feel very strange." Another problem that is puzzling is why Free Moore's income is so small. Freeth said that Moreno sometimes had to put his own money into the company's business, from his deposit in the Bank of Spain, a branch of the safe deposit box.

Moreno said, occasionally Freeth will ask Moreno to help, for example, to do some accounting work. Once, Fries asked him to help find the analyst or broker on the Eastern European gas pipeline report. He said: "I have a chance to contact them, so I got a report from a friend at Deutsche Bank." At that time, the EU is now promoting abortion Nabucco pipeline project. The project was originally to connect the turkey and Austria, Austria is a Russian gas giant Gazprom competitor, which is between the West and Moscow tensions a.

Madrid's commercial registration office has been tracking Free Moore, after Freeth disappeared, the company has not been registered for many years its account, has been temporarily closed. No one has taken legal action to dismiss it. The company's file was found, which was registered in November 2, 1995, and was mentioned by Moreno Carlos and Henry Frith. Freeth was born in November 9, 1957, New Zealand nationality, holds a work permit X-0671724-D, its validity period to September 6, 1995, is applying for an extension of the Madrid provincial labor department".

British agents formulate fail

As early as the early summer of 2010, Freeth's affair was exposed.

In June 27th, the FBI arrested 10 suspected Russian spies in Boston, New York, and Washington. These people accused the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (the predecessor of the Soviet KGB spy ring effect). Known as the "FBI 10" members of this group has long been posing as Americans, forged fake identities since the last century since the middle of 90s in the United states.

The next night, at Freeth's home in Madrid, a British intelligence officer came to his side. After greeting, they have a conversation in English.

According to a copy of the dialogue provided by European intelligence agencies, the British agent asked: "can we talk about it?""

Freeth replied, "I'm sorry......."

The British agent added: "I think it's important for you to do something. I've mastered everything you're here for....... We need to talk...... Because you are in a very difficult position. If we don't talk now, I'm afraid you're going to have a big problem here in Spain....... I'm working for a Western agent, and you're working for the Russian agent. I know it's amazing, I'm sorry I had to talk to you on the street, but it's the only way I can talk to you."

Che Leo Panov denied all. He said, "you are wrong" and "no" to the British agent ".

British agents asked private chat for 20 minutes. Che Leo Panov refused.

Then, British agents all emerge in its totality. He tried to "formulate" Frith, causes it to become a double agent: "I can give you a chance, let your life better, much better."

The other side has repeatedly insisted that he really is Henry Frith.

"The Spanish authorities are coming, and the police are coming," said the British agent. Soon to be exposed a major scandal, your life will be ruined."

The next morning, Sutter sent Freeth to the airport balder.