" Islamic state " threatened to attack the Russian video threat Putin

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" Islamic state " threatened to attack the Russian video threat Putin

2016-08-02 03:34:51 238 ℃

According to the Xinhua News Agency electrode end organization Islamic state recently eyeing russia. In a video released in July 31st, the organization requires militants to target the target in Russia and Russian President Vladimir Vladimir Putin.

This video is about 9 minutes long, by the Islamic state armed personnel commonly used in a number of accounts in the video site on the rabbit released. In the video, a masked man driving in the desert, shouting threats against Putin language. The man also asked his followers to launch attacks on russia.

This video also shows that a group of armed men to a number of armored vehicles and a number of tents to attack, and in the desert to snatch weapons.

Currently, the authenticity of this video is yet to be confirmed, it is not clear why the Islamic state announced to launch attacks on russia. However, the U.S. media recently disclosed that Russia and the United States are negotiating to join forces in the fight against the Islamic state of Syria and the base organization branch.

Earlier, the Islamic state has asked its followers to take action against the organization to launch attacks against the country.

In recent weeks, the Islamic state claimed a number of attacks in Europe occurred in europe. Last week, a church in France occurred hostage taking incident, an octogenarian father hijacked cutthroat death, another one of the hostages was seriously injured. Later, the Islamic state by supporting the organization's media claims made this incident. Since July 14th the French Nice terrorist attack since Germany has 4 suspicious and Islamic State related attacks.