Turkey police blocked the U.S. military base in the United States to prevent a new round of military coup

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Turkey police blocked the U.S. military base in the United States to prevent a new round of military coup

2016-08-02 03:34:32 249 ℃

Turkey, "freedom" reported in July 31st, the day of the Turkey police force a brief blockade of the southeast of the Hussein Jill Leake air force base, the purpose is to prevent the occurrence of a new round of coup. After the announcement of the reform of the military system, the Turkey government in July 31st announced that it would increase the number of senior government officials for the highest military commission members of the earth.

The free newspaper published in July 31st reported that Turkey's Armed Police on the Hussein Jill Leake air force base to prevent the blockade in 2.5 hours to complete, in case someone launched a new round of coup. Reported that the anti-terrorism police received a call, the religious figure Fetterhula Gulen supporters want to launch second coup in this base.

According to the Russian "satellite" news agency, about 7000 police surrounded the base. According to Reuters reported that there are rumors on social media in Turkey, some people plan to launch another coup, security forces are ready to deal with.

In this regard, a US military spokesman said in Yinjierlike air force base, they did not find Turkish police stepped on the base security arrangements. The unnamed spokesman said: "here as usual." Satellite news agency quoted the European Union Affairs Minister of Turkey Omer Celik, then reported that the same day in the case of the Hussein Jill Leake air force base is just a routine security check".

Hussein Jill Leake air force base is now being used by the United States, led by the United States to combat the Islamic state coalition aircraft used to take off and landing. Turkey in July 15, the attempted coup and the Turkish government once closed Hussein Jill Leake air force base, and cut off the power supply to the base, forcing the U.S. once the suspension of air strikes on the armed Islamic state. In addition, the former commander of the Hussein Jill Leake Air Force Base Bekier Eljan Van, who was arrested on suspicion of plotting a coup.

After the attempted coup, the government of Turkey has continuously strengthened its control over the military. In July 31st, a government official said that the deputy prime minister, Minister of justice, the Minister of interior and foreign affairs were the members of the supreme military council.

Previously, only the prime minister and Minister of defense in the government sector as a member of the committee. The new members will replace the original Committee in a group of military officers, including the first army, (fourth) in the second, third, the Aegean army and gendarmerie commander.

Reuters analysis, the move for president Recep Tayyi Erdogan in the attempted coup after a series of measures to take control of the latest developments in the army. After that, the government is believed to be in control of the supreme military council.

The supreme military council of Turkey is the highest decision-making body of the armed forces of the armed forces. The meeting will be held every year in August. Mr Erdogan has said that the supreme military council will be responsible for restructuring and purge the land, sea and air forces, military "fresh blood".


Local prosecutor's office to prosecute 43 attempted coup suspects

Turkey a District Prosecutor's office on July 31, over the alleged plan last month earlier suspects in the attempted coup charges, and claimed that the Federal Bureau of investigation and the Central Intelligence Agency is the true mastermind, religious people Fett Hula - Guellen only but is the "minion". The United States had responded by saying that the United States accused the United States and Turkey attempted coup in relation to any suggestion or statement "complete error", harmful to bilateral relations.

Turkey Edirne prosecutor's office office the day to place a second degree felony Criminal Court filed a lawsuit, accusing 43 the alleged mastermind of the suspects in the attempted coup, requirements of the sentenced to "the most severe penalty.

The attorney general said in the indictment, "Guellen terrorist organization" members received the FBI and CIA training. Insurgents "two intelligence agencies to the organization to grow provided several subjects training". The indictment reads: "attempted coup attempt to weaken the whole national organization through subversion of the government. Those born in the Gulen movement and in judicial and security department, received the training and accepted the task, and put into action. "

The attempted coup after the bankruptcy, Turkey President El Erdogan identified in exile in the US as the mastermind behind the guellen. Turkey officials and the media have repeatedly or openly or implicitly directed at the United states. Assert that the Turkish labor and social security minister Suleiman Soilu previously accepted Turkish news TV station to interview, "the United States is the coup plotter behind".

El's criticism of the July 29th US central command, also giving Joseph Wouter privately accused the United states. He said, "we know who is behind the conspiracy...... They know who is behind the senior intelligence, you make such a statement is to expose themselves."

Prior to the speech, said the statement, after the attempted coup in Turkey, a large number of senior military officials were cleaned, the United States has lost a lot of important military dialogue in Turkey". Comprehensive Xinhua News Agency