The Japan Meteorological Agency by the earthquake warning triggered short-term chaos

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The Japan Meteorological Agency by the earthquake warning triggered short-term chaos

2016-08-02 03:35:15 239 ℃

Xinhua news agency, Tokyo, August 1 -   Japan Meteorological Agency issued a "own" earthquake warning in August 1st, causing some people to panic, the surrounding area of Tokyo Bay is also affected by the impact of false alarm short outage.

Japan Meteorological Agency local 1 17, 09 minutes through an internal system to include the railway and power companies, 54 specific enterprises issued earthquake warning, said the Tokyo Bay has a magnitude 9 earthquake, there will be more strongly felt. But after 15 seconds, the alarm was canceled. The meteorological department subsequently confirmed that Chiba County, an earthquake measuring meter by lightning caused by the interference of electrical signals, resulting in false alarm.

Day, many installed seismic remind users of mobile phone software also received the "Oolong" earthquake warning information, users post on the personal twitter said was false "frightened jump", "scared to heart plop plop keeps jumping".

The meteorological agency explained that, under normal circumstances, the two observation points detected after the earthquake will be forced to all mobile phone users to send an official earthquake alarm. But this time, a part of the Private Companies to develop the software to the user to push this false alarm.

Due to the earthquake false alarm, some of Tokyo are within the rail transit line emergency stop, to confirm the false alarm after 4 minutes to resume operations. Some rail traffic around Tokyo Chiba County, Saitama and Kanagawa are also affected to varying degrees.

The Japanese government earthquake investigation committee in 2012 has released an assessment report said, 30 years Tokyo capital circle occurred more than 7 earthquake probability is 70%. Japan often organize disaster prevention earthquake drills to respond to strong earthquake.