Venezuela supplies shortage of people to share how to use oil to cook

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Venezuela supplies shortage of people to share how to use oil to cook

2016-08-02 03:35:09 242 ℃

Reference News Network reported on August 2nd   western media said, in Venezuela, the whole country to seek a daily shortage of supplies in the case of barely maintaining life. A Venezuelan mother on the Internet issued a request, said: "friends, you are good, I need help, my baby this Tuesday will be one year old. I did not make the cream of the egg yolk, nor used to make the oil of the egg yolk. Is there anyone who can help me?"

According to EFE reported on July 31st, this problem appears in a Facebook group. The group includes more than 70 thousand Venezuelan people who will share the menu in response to the country's food shortages.

In less than four hours, the young mother received a 26 from the group's reply, and got a lot of let her do not have a drop of oil can make the idea of reservations for guests.

In this group, there is only one warning: if you are not sure whether the ingredients in the recipe can be purchased in Venezuela, it is better not to share it.

In most cases, the diversity of these recipes will break the boundaries of the general possibilities.

Challenges faced by the members of this group is they make everything should use the refrigerator in some things, or is under normal circumstances had been thrown into the trash can, than if the skin, eat leftover dinner, expired food or things in the cupboard stored for a long time but don't know how to use it.

A group member proudly posted the news: "last night, I looked at the refrigerator and found that there was a lot of cabbage. I went to find the recipe of the egg yolk, and then did the egg yolk, the results are very good. Because I didn't have much oil in my hand, so I went to add water to the water." She also released 4 photos look like dinner.

Venezuela is experiencing one of the most serious economic crises in the country's history. According to economists estimate, the shortage of supplies in Venezuela has been more than 80%. And in 2015 the country's inflation rate reached 180%.

Official figures have not been transparent in this year, economists said, not surprisingly, in 2016 the level of shortage of supplies in Venezuela and inflation will be higher than last year.

Reported that Venezuela is rich in oil, but the country is facing the most serious crisis. For people here, beef, chicken, milk, cheese, eggs, and fish are all luxuries.

Understand the Facebook group, each people have their own secret recipe, has come to take them time to share, because as the page group said that, "generous in vital at this moment". (compile / Su Jiawei)