Drops step " marriage " cited concern us media: excellent step in addition to no way out of this

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Drops step " marriage " cited concern us media: excellent step in addition to no way out of this

2016-08-03 06:36:40 226 ℃

Global Times reported that the acquisition of travel drops Uber (step by step) China not only caused a stir in the country, in the United States has also been widely concerned. "The U.S. media said it was a step in the surrender, some bias." According to the American media criticism, the beauty of Fudan University Research Center, deputy director of the song Guoyou 2 days on the "Global Times" reporter said, since the two sides would like to merge, is not who lose who won, but the two sides to seek cooperation and win-win. They cross shareholding, is a win-win situation.

China's booming market has given a great opportunity to step by step, it will benefit by holding the future, and not a loser. Song Guoyou said that in many industries in China, foreign companies have an absolute advantage, such as aircraft, cars, high-end luxury goods, etc.. But the Internet economy is a new market, China and the United States, almost in the same starting line, from the consumer experience and feelings for, Chinese enterprises know more how to get the consumer's heart, especially in those industries that don't rely too much on technology. And, whether it is a drop or Alibaba, Jingdong and other Chinese local technology giants have behind the shadow of the U.S. capital.

Peking University School of economics professor caoheping to accept the "Global Times" reporter, said that is the normal considerations of national security, national economic interests, national culture form different aspects, China on the Internet for a certain degree of security. Some people in the United States should not think that the Internet in the world should be led by the United States, which is not realistic.

Put aside political speculation, many western professional financial media also admitted that, in the network about the car such a winner take all market, annexation drops for excellent step is "there is no way to the best way to". "The Wall Street journal" said, the best step 3 years ago to enter the Chinese market, but still do not see the prospects for profit after burning 2 billion U.S. dollars. Earlier this year the kalanike said yuho China has accounted for 30% to 35% of the market share. But drops remain a substantial lead, the business covers about 400 cities nationwide, excellent step only covering 40 cities. "Washington Post" said, drops get the support of a number of Chinese technology giants, but also with the best step in the United States opponent Lyft have cooperation. 2016 China IT Research Center report shows that drops of the entire network about the car market share of about 85%, the best step is less than 8%.

"In addition to the merger, excellent step no way out", the United States, "fortune" magazine as a topic, said a year in China to burn $1 billion, but can not take advantage of a larger market share. The Financial Times said that the investment side drops travel includes Alibaba, Tencent and apple, financing $8 billion 500 million last year, while the best step in China last year, only $1 billion 200 million financing.

"Sydney Morning Herald" 2, said that today looks like a flag to surrender, tomorrow looks like a strategic retreat. Now gifted with a focus on funding in India, Europe, the United States and the face of regulatory challenges and other areas of strong competition in the competition. By selling the best Chinese business to drops, the San Francisco company will get $1 billion from its former rival, helping to push it around the world. Perhaps more valuable is the best step will receive 20% of the shares drops, drops valued at about $36 billion. At the same time, it also clears the way for the IPO.