U.S. media on the merits of the &quot step; surrender " surprised to find the scientific and technological fleet stranded in China

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U.S. media on the merits of the " step; surrender " surprised to find the scientific and technological fleet stranded in China

2016-08-03 06:36:38 215 ℃

Global Times reported that the August 1st announcement of the acquisition of excellent step by step China news, a lot of foreign media, said the accident". The United States, "times" website, said that in the summer of this huge technology transactions, excellent step to sell the business in China is the most surprising. Excellent step in the Chinese business sold to their biggest, most successful opponents drops travel. The deal settled a burn battle to compete for users, the past two years have burned 2 billion dollars yuho. The daily courier "website said that with the Chinese company to acquire excellent step in China business," an epic the battle over ".

At the beginning of this year, and step the company founder, Global CEO Nick to accept the "Global Times" reporter also solemnly said, although in China experienced a strong competitor, but excellent step can rely on technology rather than subsidies to defeat the opponent. The British "Financial Times" commented that the excellent step now in China to a U - shaped turn, and drops to reach an agreement to end subsidies war. The newspaper said, two years ago, Nick had with drops of Founder Cheng Wei met, then allegedly krainik issued "ultimatum", requirement drops 4% of the shares sold to excellent step, otherwise it will in the expensive price war encounter "embarrassing failure". The meeting to the competition between the two sides set the tone, the two companies launched a fierce fight. This Monday, everything is over, excellent step just to get the original idea of half, that is, the economic benefits of 20% drops. And drops off competitors, will become the dominant force in the Chinese network about the car market.

"Excellent step waving the white flag of surrender," "time" magazine said, excellent step is not a habit of failure of the company, but the deal clearly show that the excellent step in one of the most important markets surrender. "Washington Post" said, excellent step to conquer the pace of global it seems to have been unable to stop, but with the previous many technology companies like, aboard the Big Mac in China or a wall. Reported that China has 1 billion 300 million of the population and the rise of the middle class, has been the Holy Grail of the eyes of the U.S. technology giant. But these giants rarely succeed in China, Google exit, Facebook difficult to enter, Amazon difficult forward. U.S. companies said the difficulty of entering China is increasing, because the Chinese technology industry is becoming more powerful.

Some media is "new", attempts to analyze from the angle of politics. "The Losangeles times" said that the superior step suddenly decided to sell all the Chinese business to the main competitors, which makes it difficult to achieve success in the world's second largest economy on the list of American Technology Corp and a more. The list looks like a list of all star companies, including Google, EBay, Amazon and Facebook, etc.. What makes the Chinese market for U.S. technology giants so challenging? First of all, China has a strong domestic counterparts, such as Google's in Sina, micro-blog Baidu in twitter, Youku potatoes in YouTube. In addition, due to the Chinese government to prohibit twitter, Facebook and other overseas network platform to enter, many Chinese companies do not have to worry about foreign companies to compete, to be able to ease their own innovation and development. The article said that foreign companies that have successfully entered the Chinese market are facing competition from local companies, in the context of rising nationalism, foreign companies have a hard time. Last month, a Chinese netizen posted a picture of a broken Apple phone to protest the U.S. approach to the South China Sea. U.S. buy site Groupon in 2011 high-profile entry into China, the result is faced with 200 similar group buying site competition, a few months after the Groupon closed the China office.

"Over the past 20 years, the US tech giants have written a similar script to conquer the world. These enterprises like off the west coast of North America of the imperial fleet, landing on other continents. But when the U.S. giant into the world's largest Internet market in China, the invincible fleet has been stranded." "New York Times" 2 days will be directed at China "changeable and opaque supervision and difficult to understand the way of business". The article said, "which appeared in the gap: A is the Internet in China, one is in other parts of the world of the Internet" and earlier regarded as to promote world financial and political integration in the Internet is now inevitable to split into two completely different regions. Excellent step to the Chinese market to local enterprises to further exacerbate the Sino US internet cold war situation is taking shape".

British "Daily Telegraph" even the excellent step sale business in China and the UK recently suspended Britain, China, France, tripartite signed Hinkley linked to the project, claiming excellent step was annexed "reflects the double standard of China", "China's huge consumer market frequently to Western business closed, Chinese enterprises difficult to Hinkley setbacks to feel too sad."

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