Trump talk about his wife Luo Zhaodeng newspaper headlines: very common and very fashionable

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Trump talk about his wife Luo Zhaodeng newspaper headlines: very common and very fashionable

2016-08-03 06:37:06 502 ℃

The United States Republican, democratic parties, the National Congress of the end, the election can be said to be officially entered the white hot stage.

The last two days, the New York Post for two consecutive days journal dent trump wife Mei to pull the Pennsylvania young nude, in the online trigger hot debate, criticism of many netizens. However, Trump himself was very open to this, saying that the child was one of the most successful models of the model, the photo is very fashionable and very popular.

Apart from the speech was accused of plagiarism "first lady Michelle, Trump's supermodel wife may pull Virginia at the Republican National Convention's remarkable performance, still trump to add many supporters.

As a possible future of the United States, "first lady" candidate, the United States, "New York post" published two consecutive days of its young nude. These two pieces of Mei Rania nude respectively in July 31st and August 1st published in the "New York post" on the front page. According to reports, the two photos were taken in 1995, when the model is a Mei, Trump, and not meet with.

However, Trump's campaign team does not seem to mind. Trump's adviser, Miller, said it was not necessary to "feel ashamed" of the photos, "she is a beautiful woman".

Trump himself in an interview with the New York post, also known as, at the time, Mei is one of the most successful models of the model, for many famous magazine photographed a lot of photos. "These pictures were taken by a French magazine before I met her. In Europe, this kind of picture is very fashionable, also very common." Trump said.

According to the photographer, this group of photos, photos want to convey is the United States rather than pornography. According to him, during the filming of the film, may be performed very well, there is a personality, but also very well educated".

However, the New York Post Practice on the Internet sparked controversy, many netizens criticized the attitude. There are friends in the "push" message, vilify Mei pull image of Narnia "it is a shame for the New York Post, this election has enough humiliating Americans needed to make this kind of primitive man like move". Others wrote that the New York post made him feel "surprised and angry", which is a complete """.

In fact, this is not the first time because of the plum of the nude photo "black". Melania was born in Slovenia, 16 years old to come out as a model, and a lot of magazines photographed nude. In March of this year's pre selection period, a 2000 for the male magazine "GQ" shot on the cover was exposed. A spy in the trump organization pulls out the photo made against Trump's campaign ads released in social media "face book", said "if you don't want to let such a person to do future first lady of the United States Tuesday voting for Cruz (trump at that time in the party's biggest rivals."

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"New York post" change stand against Trump?

"New York post" is one of the oldest newspapers in the United States, founded in 1801, the highest daily circulation has reached 700 thousand copies, is one of the most important newspapers in New York city.

In 1977, media tycoon Rupert Murdoch bought the New York Post, began to increase violence and sex related news, fight to gossip, sensational famous newspaper.

With the British off the European referendum period, newspapers have stand, newspapers in the United States in the general election also each tend to support candidates. Such as "New York Times" is to "spy trump, Hilary's" position.

In mid April of this year, the New York post has publicly supported Trump, described the candidate is a potential superstar with a bright future, but always made a rookie mistake".

In addition, Trump and Murdoch met for decades, the two have maintained a good personal relationship. But since the last trump announced to participate in the presidential election and repeatedly exposed the shocking statement after, Murdoch had publicly criticized him. Trump has repeatedly shelled the Murdoch News Corp, the Wall Street Journal and Fox News, think of these media to report his "unfair".

Interesting is, in June this year, the British off the European referendum on the second day, trump arrived in Scotland for themselves a local investment projects in the campaign, with Rupert Murdoch and his wife in a local villa dinner. It is said that when Trump left, specifically told his spokesman, to the media stressed his dinner with Murdoch this fact.

The "New York post" published in the nude photos of May, there is media speculation, probably because of Trump's remarks provoked Murdoch, leading to the "New York post" change position.