F1, head of the Brazil police rescued the kidnapped mother praised " awesome "

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F1, head of the Brazil police rescued the kidnapped mother praised " awesome "

2016-08-03 06:37:12 265 ℃

F1 head Bernie Ecclestone. Visual China

According to Xinhua news agency, "formula" (F1 supremo, aged 85 year old bemie Ecclestone recently once again become the focus of media attention. The Rio Olympics held on the eve of his 67 year old Brazil Ji Shun mother-in-law gram Palmela kidnapped. After several days of investigation, police in Brazil eventually on July 31, successfully rescued Shun grams, and on August 1, arrested behind the kidnapping of the Lord.

The kidnappers are likely to have inside information"

Ecclestone in Britain's rich list fourth, with about 3 billion 200 million pounds (about 28 billion yuan) of wealth. In 2009, he met with the 38 year old woman in Brazil Fabiana Flosi, two people registered in Switzerland after the marriage to settle in london.

Fabiana mother shunk living in Brazil St Paul area, around the home door tight, equipped with barbed wire fence. Two kidnappers July 22, posing as into furniture, decoy nanny to open the door, the Schunk captives, and to the family members ask about 27.6 million pounds ($242 million yuan).

The police concluded that the kidnappers are likely to have "inside information", advance along the G buy a new furniture.

St. Paul police said the two kidnappers modus operandi appears very "amateur", the police Shuntengmogua, through the analysis of the telephone recording and monitoring video, finally found the pro grams hijacked the hut, and captured in one fell swoop, two of the kidnappers. The gram is not injured, but is frightened.

Behind the helicopter pilot system

According to the police and local officials say, in the rescue process, the family did not pay the ransom any ransom, the police did not shoot.

The two kidnappers confessed that they are another man bought the perpetrators of crime, the latter promised to pay 4600 pounds ($4 million yuan RMB). According to the clues the police arrested 1 days behind, helicopter pilot Jorge Faria.

Brazil media reports, the pilots who work for Ecclestone family, also for my service ecclestone. At present, the case is still under investigation.

After the rescue was rescued. "I just want to say to the bad guys, don't do the kidnapping in St Paul, because you're going to be arrested," she said in an interview with the Brazil press."

That mother rescued the news, Ecclestone was pleased, and praised the Brazil police "awesome". He told reporters: "I am very happy to know this news. In the past these days, we had a bad day. The family has such a thing, no one is better. Brazil police performance is very good, is definitely one of the level. We are very satisfied with them."