Philippines police narcotics' 402 suspects killed 1 months

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Philippines police narcotics' 402 suspects killed 1 months

2016-08-03 06:37:53 239 ℃

Manila of China News Service on August 2 (reporter Zhang) - 2, Philippine police released statistics show that in the new Philippine President Walter since he took office just a month time, around the Philippine police have killed 402 drug suspects.

In recent years, increasingly rampant drug-related crimes in Philippines, causing widespread concern. Dutt Stewart's reputation for an iron fist fight crime tough guy image known during the presidential campaign has repeatedly promised to in the short term to curb drug crimes. Although he is officially became president on June 30, but the Philippine police from the May election results released after had intensive to carry out anti drug action, Philippines over frequently heard drug suspects were shot by police.

According to the Philippine police said, from July 1 to August 2, Philippine police is home visit action 22 million times, 427 search warrant, 5418 drug suspects arrested, while nearly 60, 000 drug or drug addicts voluntarily surrendered himself to the police.

Dutt Stewart I repeatedly kiss on the line of fire, a large number of external exposure of drug or involving the identity of the drug crime of the high order police and local officials, ordered them to surrender themselves to the police. Philippine presidential spokesman Bella, 2, revealed that the Philippine government will soon announce a list of 27 local officials involved in drug crime.

Philippine President's office of legal counsel Panello claimed that the Philippine authorities to provide information on the list of local officials involved in drug crime is shocking".

Philippines's attorney general Aguirre has revealed that the Ministry of justice is investigating whether the former president Aquino's government officials involved in drug crimes, will not miss any officials involved in illegal activities. Philippine senator, boxing champion Manny Pacquiao one evening after a meeting with Dutt Stewart for the government crackdown drug-related crimes and expressed support for, he claims, if Dutt Stewart have failed to win the presidential election, people might not know the Philippines drug crime is so rampant. (end)