Experts say South Korea agreed to the deployment of "Sade" is a dog in the manger

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Experts say South Korea agreed to the deployment of "Sade" is a dog in the manger

2016-08-03 06:38:07 378 ℃

Ji'nan August 2nd public network newsRecently, the United States and South Korea bent deployed in South Korea "Sade" missile defense system, to break the natural balance of the security in Northeast Asia, caused widespread concern of the international community. This afternoon, the CPC Shandong Provincial Committee Party School Social Sciences Department deputy director Zhang Qin books in a public network reporter interview said South Korea insists deployment "Sade" is the behavior of a dog in the manger, but in the long run, this will on economic and trade relations between China and South Korea good caused great damage.

The deployment of "Sade" is not conducive to peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula denuclearization process will be delayed indefinitely

Reporter discovery, on July 8, South Korea and the United States jointly announced the deployment of "Sade" system in the peninsula, July 11, chief of general staff of the Korean people's army artillery Bureau: moment of "significant warning" claims from Sade in the peninsula deployment location and time being finalized, North Korea to take physical measures to respond. Zhang Qinshu believes that the United States, Korea and the United States deployed in South Korea, SA De, has broken the Korean Peninsula and even the inherent safety of Northeast Asia balance.

Zhang Qinshu told reporters, only from the media reports, the North Korea announced the deployment of "SA de" in South Korea, after several test fired a ballistic missile. In the missile behind, Zhang Qin is more worried about the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula will be delayed indefinitely.

"SA de" radar radius of 2000 kilometers, can monitor most parts of our country

Why China and Russia to South Korea against the world deployment "Sade" has such a big response? In this regard, Zhang Qin explained that if the "SA de" once deployed in Korea, it will seriously threaten the radar system of China and Russia's strategic security.

It is understood that the "SA de" radar has two modes: terminal mode and front deployment mode. Zhang Qinshu told reporters that Sade "radar radius approximately in about 2000 km, for China, Russia, South Korea's neighboring countries, when Sade" open frontier deployment model, China's northeast, North China, East China and southeast coastal all military secrets may will be exposed to the under the radar system.

South Korea deployed "Sade" dog in the manger, may be affected by the economic and trade relations between China and South Korea

South Korea has publicly said that the deployment of SA de aimed at improving the ability to intercept missiles. But in Zhang Qin's book, this argument simply can not stand. "South Korea intends to deploy in Seongju" Sade 'intercept missiles with a range of about 200 km, the scope of its defense and does not cover the Seoul area, which means if once the war, nearly half of the population in South Korea will still be directly exposed to the missiles within striking range. "

In recent years, the relationship between China and South Korea is in the honeymoon period". Zhang Qinshu believes that the deployment of the South Korea, SA de system or the good momentum of economic and trade relations between China and South Korea will cause adverse effects. "If South Korea once joined us Japan defense system, then South Korea especially Shandong Peninsula blue smoke - Wai region and South Korea economic and trade exchanges will be subject to greater impact." (public network - Shandong 24 hours reporter Sun Jie)