Canadian scholars: to restart negotiations between the powers of the anti missile treaty

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Canadian scholars: to restart negotiations between the powers of the anti missile treaty

2016-08-03 06:38:28 281 ℃

International online report (reporter in the United States Zhao Xinyu): on July 8, the United States and South Korea said, will the Sin Chew County, South Korea deployment "Sade" anti missile system, causing the suddenly tense situation in East Asia. In this regard, University of British Columbia, Canada Asia Research Institute President Xiao Yifu on August 1 in an interview with China Radio International reporters said in South Korea deployed "Sade" system will have a negative impact on China, China and the U.S. need more dialogue with, and it may be necessary to restart among the major powers of the ABM treaty negotiations.

Referred to as "Sade" "of the terminal high altitude area defense system, is currently us the most advanced ground-based anti missile system of, by carrying 6 groups of 8 gold intercept missile launcher, AN/TPY-2X band radar, fire control communication system and battle management system. The radar device is the strongest performance in the world land-based mobile anti missile radar of. When the "SA de" system of radar switch to the front deployment model, the warning distance of 1200 km to 2700 km, taking into account the strategy and tactics. According to South Korea on both sides of the argument, in South Korea deployment Sade is intended to respond to the missile threat from North Korea. In this regard, Professor Xiao Yifu pointed out, "Sade" powerful radar system will impact on China's nuclear deterrent. "Because this is a huge system, Sade anti missile system has a powerful radar, deployment of Sade does on the surrounding influence, especially has an impact on China, on the Russian influence is limited, China worries is its nuclear deterrence capability will be influenced."

The United States in 2002 to unilaterally withdraw from the United States and the Soviet Union, signed in 1972, the limitation of Treaty of Anti Ballistic Missile Defense System "(hereinafter referred to as the ABM Treaty), to break the" balance of nuclear deterrence ", negative effects also in the framework of international security gradually. In accordance with the United States their own planning, in Guam, Japan, Philippines, Korea, the deployment of the "SA de" system, and as a whole, service to the United States in the world to build anti missile system. East Asia and the fragile balance in South Korea decided to deploy "Sade" anti missile system is broken for a moment. This will not only contribute to the United States military superiority, but also squeeze the strategic interests of other countries. Xiao Yifu expressed, it is time to restart negotiations between the anti missile agreement. "I think this shows the urgency of the resumption of the global missile defense agreement. This shows that there is a need for some kind of understanding between big powers, especially between China and the United States. Perhaps Russia is willing to participate. If we start a comprehensive anti arms race, the United States in the first 10 to 5 years has an advantage, but then it will lose its advantages, because China and Russia will catch up. I think it is in the interest of the world to avoid such an arms race."

And since the US South Korean military on July 8, announced "Sade" anti missile system deployed in South Korea, the South Korean domestic opposition and protests intensified. Xiao Yifu said that South Korea's domestic and civil intense protests, or may lead to the postponement of the deployment of sa. "Sade system will be deployed in Singapore County, local public has a very strong opposition, protest, massive protests, local governments also opposed, still unable to confirm Sade system can easily deployed there, may continue to be delayed, as Japan's Okinawa protest US airport construction, resulting in a constant delay. May be in the South Korean public strong protest against the deployment of the SA can not be achieved, or to be transferred to other places, but the other two alternative sites also have a strong protest."

And for due to the deployment of "Sade" system triggered current tense situation in the region, and may bring on Sino US relations, Xiao Yifu think, need at this time between China and the United States launched a full dialogue and reduce the misjudgment probability. "Good communication is very important, I think that China and the United States should deploy 'Sade' dialogue should the talks between our militaries, should also be discussed between the top leaders of China and the United States, in order to avoid misunderstanding. I think there is still time to find a way, I also hope that the United States can participate in such a dialogue, to reduce the threat of the situation."