The Dominic administration's basic budget for the 2016-17 fiscal year

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The Dominic administration's basic budget for the 2016-17 fiscal year

2016-08-03 12:59:58 246 ℃

According to Ministry of Commerce News, according to Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit July 26, submit the 2016-17 fiscal year budget, 2016-17 fiscal year (July 2016 2017 June) the Dominican government arrange budgetary revenues 7.189 billion East Canadian dollars (about $266 million), spent a total of 758 million Eastern Canadian dollars (about 281 million U.S. dollars). A deficit of 3910 dollars (about $14 million 480 thousand) wandong.

According to the budget arrangements, this fiscal year often project income 5.667 billion East Canadian dollars, often project expenditures (including interest payments and debt repayments) 4.447 billion East Canadian dollars; maturity debt 5210 Wandong dollars; often account surplus 1.761 billion Eastern Canadian dollars.

Capital income (cash assistance) 500 Wandong capital expenditures $313 million 300 thousand dollars in the east. Capital sources mainly include: the main donor countries and international financial institutions assistance 964 Wandong in Canadian dollars, Canadian dollar loans 4580 Wandong, citizens to invest in the project provide 1.711 billion East Canadian dollars.

Including aid, the total budget deficit of 760 Wandong Canadian dollars, accounted for 0.7% of GDP. GDP is expected this fiscal year to 1 billion 394 million East Canadian dollars.

According to the budget, this fiscal year regular sources of the income of the project: tax revenue 3.447 billion East Canadian dollars, including personal income tax 3440 Wandong Canadian dollars (accounting for 6.1% of recurring items of income), Canadian dollar corporate tax 3650 Wandong (6.4%), 760 Wandong property tax dollars (1.3%), domestic goods and services tax 1.913 billion East Canadian dollars (33.8%), Canadian dollar international trade taxes 7490 Wandong (13.2%); non tax income 2.22 billion East Canadian dollars (39.2%), which is expected to citizens to invest in the project income for 2.018 million Eastern Canadian dollars.

According to the budget, the fiscal year often project expenditures constitute: salary 1.604 billion East Canadian dollars (accounting for 36% of the total), the procurement of goods and services 1.089 billion East Canadian dollars (24%), transfer payments and subsidies 9310 Wandong Canadian dollars (accounted for 21%), debt repayment 5210 Wandong Canadian dollars (accounted for 11.7%), interest payment 2510 Wandong Canadian dollars (6%).