The media: the airport event is black premeditated hackers or has been lurking for 2 years

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The media: the airport event is black premeditated hackers or has been lurking for 2 years

2016-08-03 13:00:11 252 ℃

August 2nd Vietnam Youth Daily (TuoiTreNews) quoted Vietnam Information Security Association (VNISA) statement issued a report said, after hackers compromised Vietnam airport is "a well prepared, premeditated attack".

"Current, we can determine, the Vietnam airport hacker attacks is an apt intrusion (advanced persistent threat), is a fully prepared, and premeditated attack," Vietnam Information Security Association (VNISA) on Monday, said in a statement.

The full name of APT intrusion is the advanced persistent threat invasion, which is a kind of attack form which is used to carry on the long lasting network attack to the specific target with the advanced attack method. In this kind of invasion, the hacker needs to collect the business process and target system of the target before launching the attack, which may collect a large amount of core data. Therefore, the biggest threat to the invasion of the data leakage, rather than such as the system paralysis and other visible attack effect.

Vietnam information security association, said there is evidence that hackers may be as early as 2014 years in the beginning of the potential to enter the airport network system. However, in the July 29th attacks, hackers used a new type of malicious software, which completely bypass the anti-virus software and other general security measures.

However, the Vietnam information security association also pointed out that it is impossible to determine the identity of the hacker with the existing trace. "The only thing we can come to the conclusion that this hacker is quite familiar with the communication technology network of Vietnam airport, and master the internal structure of the network, as well as some of the hardware, including a large number of information. Their only purpose is to fully control the entire airport network, and wipe all the database."

In the Vietnamese capital of Hanoi row (Noi Bai) International Airport and Ho Chi Minh City of Johor Bahru (Tan Son Nhat) International Airport on July 29, a number of devices suspected of being hacked, flight information, counter report display system changed all of a sudden, the screen shows "South China Sea is China's and other information. At the same time, the two airport broadcasting system is also out of control, automatic playback of similar content. Vietnam National Air Vietnam's website was also attacked. Previously, the media said the invasion of hackers to China's 1937cn hacker organization but the organization issued a statement denied condemning some media has always been the hacker attacks blamed on China, and said to each big media accused of "do not participate in, do not perform, do not accept, do not recognize".