South Korean lawmakers: do not want from the rupture of Sade and bilateral friendly relations

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South Korean lawmakers: do not want from the rupture of Sade and bilateral friendly relations

2016-08-03 13:00:40 344 ℃

International online news (reporter An Guanghao): Korea and the United States announced the decision to deploy the system in the U.S. military base in South Korea, South Korea's Ruling Party expressed support, and the two major opposition parties have not agreed. The largest opposition party, the Democratic Party advocates caution, the second opposition parties clearly expressed opposition to the party. Common Democratic congressman Jin Yinghao 2 days on Sade problem accepted the reporter's interview, questioned the deployment of Sade, do not want to South Korea friendly relations for Sade and rupture.

Jin Yinghao said that South Korea and China established diplomatic relations has 24 years, has been to maintain friendly relations, and recently South Korea and the United States announced deployment of Sade in South Korea, relations between the two countries in the biggest crisis since the establishment of diplomatic relations. He said that now to Sade deployment plan date and more than a year of time, and this is in South Korea has not been fully discussed the government made a unilateral decision, so it should be to study the deployment of Sade matters, I advocate should be re examined in the deployment of Korea Sade matters, because there is no persuasion and neighboring countries, but also from the domestic point of view is unilateral, so this must be continued to question, but in the future continue to make efforts to eliminate the dissonance between South Korea and China. "

According to him, for the deployment of Sade matters, common Democratic Congress member in more than half to opposition, other members of a Yingshen heavy treat Sade problem, also did not agree with Sade deployment. On July 15, common within the democratic party founded Sadd strategy committee, Jin Yinghao introduced said, together in the future democratic this mechanism as the center is deployed Sade existing problem and Countermeasure in discussions, and to the deployment of national publicity Sade the disadvantages outweigh the advantages. For Sade could influence between China and South Korea friendly relations. He expressed concern, at present because of the problem of Sade, Chinese media have many critical reports in South Korea, I most worried about is, these remarks have may lead to the Chinese people's anti Korean sentiment, and induce the Korean anti Chinese sentiment, thus the trust relationship between the two countries break. "

He said he hoped the Chinese side to understand the situation of South Korea's national, more hope that the Chinese side on the curb the nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula do more work, "I hope the Chinese leadership and the Chinese people's understanding of the Korean people, the South Koreans fear the nuclear is very large, some people even think that a Sade fort can defend South Korea's security. Our opposition to try to eliminate and correct the mistake understanding, while the Chinese, do not hurt the feelings of hope, more decisively to curb North Korea's nuclear development to persuade North Korea to reform and opening up to the outside world, so we are also well-known points more actively promote the development of relations between China and Korea. "