Brazil industrial output in June this year, growth of 1.1%

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Brazil industrial output in June this year, growth of 1.1%

2016-08-03 13:00:43 259 ℃

China News Agency, Sao Paulo, August 2 (reporter Mo Chengxiong) local time on August 2, Brazilian Institute for geography and Statistics (IBGE) released the latest data show that in June this year, Brazil's industrial value chain growth of 1.1%, which is four consecutive month that the country's industrial production growth in November.

Data show that in May than in June, 24 of the surveyed industry, there are 18 growth. Among them, the automobile production increased by 8.4%, clothing and accessories increased by 9.8%, metallurgy and cleaning products and personal care products increased by 4.7%.

In the main economic category, the production of capital goods increased by 2.1%, semi durable and non durable consumer goods growth of 1.2%, durable consumer goods growth of 1.1%, intermediate products growth of 0.5%.

However, compared with the same period last year, industrial output in Brazil in June is still down 6%. This is the country's industrial production for twenty-eighth consecutive months negative growth year on year.

Data show that in the first half of this year, total industrial output value of Brazil fell by 9.1% over the past 12 months, the cumulative decline of 9.8%, a record low in October 2009, the lowest since 10.3%.

Brazil automobile production in the first half of a larger decline, down 21.2%. Automotive related industries also fell, such as machinery and equipment fell 16%, metallurgical decline of 11.9%, coke petroleum products and bio fuels fell by 5.9%. In addition, the mining and quarry industry also fell by 14%.

Relevant analysts said, from the chain data, the first half of this year, Brazil industrial output in addition to February than in decreased by 5, the remaining 2.7% months are showing growth, especially in March growth also reached 1.6%. This shows that the current situation in Brazil industrial production continues to improve, began to slow down the bottom of the recovery, but to achieve a comprehensive recovery of the manufacturing industry is still a lot of effort.