Andouble, the cabinet's new defense minister cited vigilance: adhere to visit the Yasukuni Shrine

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Andouble, the cabinet's new defense minister cited vigilance: adhere to visit the Yasukuni Shrine

2016-08-03 13:01:11 293 ℃

Reference News Network reported in August 3rd, Japanese media said, the Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo basically decided to transfer their close relationship with the Liberal Democratic Party chairman Inada Tomomi served as defense minister.

Japan's Kyodo News reported on August 3, as the second female defense although is to attract eyeball of key personnel arrangements, but due to paddy fields have been advocated to verify the Far East International Military Tribunal (the Tokyo Trial), the sensitivity of historical issues, China and South Korea and other countries caution will be high. On the other hand, local creation play phase Ishiba is with Abe keep distance, want to prepare for Abe successors in the cabinet. Set off at home and abroad, the case of the Andouble cabinet, the new team will be officially launched in August 3rd.

Unexpected arrangement

"Today will be the last meeting. Although there are still not finished the work, but I really feel very happy." Paddy field in August 2nd in the party and government transfer consideration will show infinite feeling, while also stressed the idea of going all out in the new position. Because he had hoped to continue as president of the political adjustment, it is also an accident personnel arrangements for me". Andouble told after the rice to the surrounding revealed that too shocking". She said it would be accepted by the lack of experience in the field of security and savings.

Rice field into the political opportunity is Andouble served as the party secretary general agency period. She came from a lawyer, a young member of the evaluation she said: no matter what the field of policy understanding is very high." Rice field has also publicly said: "the words of a politician who would like to become prime minister." Andouble was elected third members in the paddy field will be promoted as one of the members of the cabinet and the LDP four positions. As if to make up for its lack of political experience, and continue to use for an important position.

To be eager for a fight

"To lead the strength of the organization's defense needs careful words and deeds. I was really worried about the unexpected." The Democratic Progressive Party cadres to ask Congress eager for a fight in the paddy fields. This is due to the lack of experience of paddy field in security policy, and appraise mixed security security law will go into operation stage later in the autumn.

In addition, since the beginning of December 2012 as the administrative reform of the rice field in the final war memorial day and other never absent from the Yasukuni shrine. On the side of the trial in Tokyo, said the decision to accept the side and raised questions. As the chairman of the political adjustment led the establishment of the party's historical verification organization.

Government officials concerned about the end of this year's War Memorial Day approached and worried that: if the history of the United States is in doubt, will harm the u.s.."

Bid farewell

This defense position once asked Ishiba, but Ishiba for other cabinet positions are also determined not to accept the. This is because the two party held in September 2012, the Democratic Party's presidential election had a contest, the party members and Party members and friends of the local vote was over half, but Andouble eventually in the house of representatives in the overwhelming majority of votes. In September 2014 Andouble cabinet reshuffle to let Ishiba served as legal security to play with is rejected, the relationship deteriorated. Two is the inevitable result of farewell.

"The work you've been doing so far can say you can't do more than that." Ishiba at a press conference strongly emphasized to make their own contribution for the Andouble administration. Andouble, a member of the house of Representatives, asked him to remain in the cabinet ". In this regard, Andouble expressed dissatisfaction with the said: "(responsible for the creation of local Ishiba) did not achieve the expected results."

With 20 people's faction, in the future will be stepped up to prepare for the next presidential election in 2018. To a question from the onslaught can exert influence, chief cabinet Kan Yi Wei is at the press conference disdain a Gu said: "want to ask him."

One senior LDP members pointed out: "the appointment of paddy field can also be understood as to Ishiba sarcasm. For the "successor of Andouble" has quietly sounded the gong."

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