The United States from "three arrows", the "miserable"!

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The United States from "three arrows", the "miserable"!

2016-07-22 09:18:01 459 ℃

The EU can be said to be the largest economy in the world, unite the EU, in economic strength not inferior in the United States, but, once dominated the European Union, but now decrepit.

Sovereign debt crisis

Bishi, just from financial crisis to climb out of the EU, the thought that carry the past is bright, but I hadn't thought of. The United States is ready to "trap", wait for the one foot, unbalanced industrial countries such as Greece in the financial crisis, this drawback is enlarged, the three major rating agencies already sharpening, took the opportunity to cut Greece's credit rating, kicked just to climb out of the quagmire of the EU, once again kick to the bottom.

The United States is early, in order to save their own economic, the relentless behind their allies stabbed a knife, manipulation of the rating agencies, mercilessly overcast the EU, from EU body blood to supplement the blood much of its own economy.

Refugee crisis in the Middle East

In the face of a sovereign debt crisis, the EU's response can be described as quickly, the European Central Bank emergency of Greece provided before and after two times of up to 200 billion euros aid loans, stabilize the situation, however, followed the refugee problem, and EU dragged into the abyss. Due to the serious aging European population, a serious shortage of labor, therefore, the receiving refugees from the Middle East, into the solution to the problem the shortage of labor, however, different religious beliefs resulted in refugees and the original Europe between the great conflict, an endless stream of attacks, further depressing the trend of economic recovery in the EU, a terrorist attack incidents, a large number of capital outflow EU, EU the difficult economic situation to make more and more difficult.

Britain off the European referendum